Matthew Perry & Chandler Both Looove Batman

If Matthew Perry were to ever hang out with his Friends character in real life, they sure would get along. According to Us Weekly, Matthew Perry loves Batman so much that he has an entire room dedicated to the masked hero. "It’s a dark space near his bedroom filled with memorabilia, lots of movie posters and figurines," a friend of Perry's told Us. If true, that is some serious dedication to his favorite superhero, which he once confirmed on Twitter in December 2012. It's something Chandler Bing would also admire, because he too was a huge fan of the Dark Knight. Chandler and Perry could totally bond over their love of Batman.

Remember that time Rachel helped Chandler get a tux for his wedding to Monica? It was in the Season 7 episode titled "The One With Rachel's Big Kiss," and Rachel let both Ross and Chandler borrow tuxes from Ralph Lauren. What made their tuxes so special was that they were previously worn by celebrities. Chandler ended up selecting Pierce Brosnan's, because he just had to get married in James Bond's tux. Despite thinking he made the right selection, Ross waltzed in saying he would be wearing Val Kilmer's tux. Immediately, Chandler became jealous, because, well, Batman is way cooler than James Bond.

He became so self-conscious and even went on a long rant to Monica about Batman's coolness. From Batman's utility belt to his Batmobile to the fact that he has Robin by his side, Chandler really looked up to the superhero.

Chandler's obsession with Batman made him doubt his tux choice that he switched out his James Bond tux for another at the end of the episode. Which celebrity's tux did he end up with? Diane Keaton's. It's unclear if Chandler actually wore Keaton's tux at his wedding, but he sure looked nice it in that particular episode.

Whatever the case, there's no uncertainty in the fact that both Perry and Chandler both find Batman inspiring. But I bet Monica would've never let Chandler have his own Batman-themed room.