Ashton Kutcher Is Pissed At Laura Prepon

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you, grumbling skeptics. TV shows aren't real life. The casts aren't really friends, they're co-workers. Except, you know, when they are. Because if you had any doubt over the That '70s Show cast's friendships being genuine, Ashton Kutcher is here to ease your worries. And to air his grievances over a certain friend in that group, too. While guest hosting Live with Kelly!, Kutcher explained that he's mad at Laura Prepon because she didn't tell him she was engaged and he had to find out through media reports.

Kutcher explained to Ripa, in his most excitable yet exasperated voice, that he was "upset" with Prepon. He said,

"She just announced this engagement and I had to find out in the news! And she’s my friend and... it's weird like that. By the way, it’s not just a random engagement. It’s an engagement to another friend of mine! So I’m double upset that neither of them told me! I got off the plane in New York like, 'What?!'"

Ironically, Kutcher also revealed that Prepon learned of his and Kunis' engagement in the news and was similarly baffled about the romantic turn her once-platonic friends took.

Prepon, who was a guest on Live with Kelly!, later validated Kutcher's exasperation over being excluded from her and Foster's engagement by revealing that Foster used to hang out with the cast. She explained, "Every Friday after taping [That '70s Show] all of our friends would come hang out and he was there.

If you need proof that things between Prepon, Kutcher, and Kunis are "all alright" even though he's mad, the great rapport the two had while Kutcher interviewed the actor is both obvious and endearing. And, you know, while Kelso and Donna could be quite antagonistic towards each other from time to time, it was nice to see some of their sweeter moments shine through the real life pals.

In fact, they're like Kelso and Donna in more ways than one. Ripa also pointed out that Kutcher refers to Prepon as "Pre" and Prepon refers to him as "Kutch" making their That '70s Show on-screen friendship seem even more legitimate. So, I don't know about you, but I am now on a That '70s Show nostalgia high.