They Did What to Kimye's Vogue Cover?

This is bromance love at its finest: Keeping with their trend of parodying #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE (remember Bound 3, everyone?), James Franco and Seth Rogen parodied Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover...and it's amazingly hilarious. Suddenly, we have a reason to be grateful that two graced (graced? Is that the right word? Is Kim Kardashian one who graces?) the cover of the highly esteemed representation of all things couture.

Never mind the fact that we were appalled to see the pinnacle of all things fashion stoop to the low (pointless) level of putting a hashtag on its cover. Never mind that we don't think Kardashian and West are on point with what Vogue represents. And most of all, never mind that the woman on the cover of this month's Vogue rose to stardom via a sex tape with, of all people, Ray-J. RAY-J. (You hear that Ray-J? You made fashion happen.)

It's all moot (for the most part), now that Franco and Rogen have given us their rendition of the much-reviled and talked about cover page of the magazine. In an Instagram pic that Franco posted, Rogen's face is Photo-shopped in, letting him stand front and center as bride-to-be Kim, and Franco plays the role of Kanye. The caption is the cherry on top of this Photo-shopped glory; there's no snarkiness whatsoever, just: "Seth! Love you, dog!" Rogen tweeted the pic, saying "it had to be done." It most certainly had to.

Image: jamesfrancotv/Instagram