How To Enter Jaclyn Hill's Big Giveaway

Jaclyn Hill adores her fans. She makes no bones about the fact that her subscribers feel like family, and her Snapchat followers actually are her #SnapchatFam — shout out! It's her love of her fans that motivated Jaclyn Hill's giveaway, and if the super sweet haul from this contest is any indication, guys, she really does loves us — like for real.

Hill has been teasing her giveaway for some time now even showing her online shopping binge for the big event. On Friday, though, Hill was no longer teasing her fans when she displayed the three boxes that the five winners of the giveaway would receive. Yes, you definitely read that right. Winners of Hill's giveaway will receive three full boxes of her favorite products, and they're good, everyone. They're so good.

Plus, Hill made the process of entering the giveaway super simple. During a first notice for her #Snapchatfam, Hill explained the rules of the contest. Fans will need to be both a subscriber to her channel and a follower on her Instagram. If those two requirements are met, fans can head to Hill's Instagram and comment on the photo of the giveaway items tagging five friends. Once that's done, you're officially entered in the giveaway.

Hill has been excited about this giveaway for weeks, and as a loyal fan, I hope people keep things cute in the comment section for both her sake and fans' sake.

So far, entries are pouring in, and Hill is going to have some incredibly excited fans when she picks the five winners.

After all, who wouldn't want a goodie package created by Hill herself? From skincare to makeup (duh) to brushes, Hill put it all in her giveaway, and it'll be amazing surprise for fans to receive a direct message from Hill when they win. Basically, Hill loves us. She really, really loves us.