Jamie Chung's Morning Routine Is Super Quick

Jamie Chung does more than just play Valerie Vale on Gotham . She's also a beauty guru who's always happy to share her best tips and beauty secrets, this time as a host of Dove's Simply Stylist Sessions in Los Angeles. When it comes to the best of beauty trade secrets, there's nothing better than quick hacks to make your morning routine faster, especially when you're in a time pinch and have to run out the door. Here are Jamie Chung's beauty hacks for getting out of bed and getting on your way.

Sometimes a morning routine can take up to an hour, depending on the day. From a shower or dry shampoo to nailing that perfect cat eye and red lip, getting ready for the day is a task everyone must conquer. If that time period can be shortened any bit, doesn't that put our daily start on a better foot?

Chung, a woman who has had her name in the spotlight as a leading actress, has numerous red carpet events under her belt, which means she also learns the best beauty tips from the beauty pros in the industry. With all of that, you know her daily routine has been tried and true.

Want to learn a few simple tips from the beauty herself? Look no further — Chung shared some advice to put together a cute, simple look for every day in just a few minutes.

1. Opt For A Top Knot

"When you're in a rush, it's easy to pull together an effortless top knot that still looks chic," Chung said in a statement for Dove's Simply Stylist Sessions. "Pull your hair into a bun or mini twist, secure any loose ends with a bobby pin and you're good to go!"

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2. Go With A Cat Eye

"Start the line from the inside [of] the eye and draw all the way to the end of your lash line in one smooth motion. Then, add a little cat eye just beyond the top lash line — just a little wing." Chung's other pro-tip? How you should position your head: "I always tilt my head back to make sure the base of the liner is all the way into my lash line."

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3. Make Your Lipstick Last

"I love color and I love a bold lip. Make sure to apply your lip color and then add just a tiny bit of loose powder over the top of it. Then, go back over it again with another layer of lipstick — this will ensure it stays on longer."

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Jamie Chung will be speaking at Simply Stylist Sessions on Saturday, Oct. 8, sponsored by Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, the antiperspirant that goes on instantly dry with all the care of Dove. Click here to learn more about the event and purchase tickets.

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