17 Amazing Beauty Buys From Hot Topic

If there's any mall store that deserves some extra love, it's Hot Topic. A refuge to mall goths, mall goths' impatient moms, and those looking for a nostalgia trip, it feels important to point out that Hot Topic's beauty collection is actually vast and varied, a fact that might surprise those who assumed the place was just for creeper shoes and vinyl pants.

With products ranging from My Chemical Romance makeup bags to Pusheen sleep masks, Hot Topic sells a range of beauty products and brands that you can get elsewhere, as well as products that you may not usually come across (or even know you needed). Not only that, but the Hot Topic beauty range is also affordable. Goths and non-goths on a budget, rejoice.

It's too easy to judge a brand by what they are best at and ignore the rest of what they are doing, which is why this list needs to exist — to celebrate the all encompassing nature of Hot Topic, a brand that might be overlooked by those wandering the mall not wearing all black. Where else can you get band tees, Halloween costumes, hair dye and a seriously impressive matte lipstick range? Hot Topic does all of that and more, and it's high time we show it the love it deserves.

1. Lilo And Stitch Lip Gloss

Lilo And Stitch Lip Gloss, $3.75,

More of a novelty than a serious makeup product, but for less than $4 it makes for a super cute gift for any Disney fan.

2. Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter Nail Polish, $5,

Not only will this skull shaped nail polish bottle look awesome on your vanity, but the violet and blue glitter combo is totally killer.

3. Mermaid Scale Brush Set

Mermaid Scale Brush Set, $7.12,

Why have normal brushes when you can have blue brushes with a mermaid scale pattern? These are so perfectly Instagrammable.

4. Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, $9.37,

You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, especially if they're under $10.

5. Ombre Lip Pencil

Ombre Lip Pencil, $3.67,

You can use either end of this lip pencil to line your lips for a different lip color, or you can combine both to create a perfect ombre pout. Either way, this is product is multi-use and makes for an amazing addition to your makeup bag.

6. Tattoo Lotion

Tatjacket Tattoo Lotion, $7.42,

Keeping your healing tattoo moisturized is a must, which is why this lotion is a must for any ink lover.

7. Matte Blue Lipstick

Matte Blue Lipstick, $4.87,

Keep on top of the colored lips trend with this stunning blue shade of lippy.

8. Concealer Palette

Concealer Palette, $7.12,

Get your contour game on point with these ten shades of concealer in a palette that won't set you back half your rent for the week.

9. Gel Eyeliner Kit

Gel Liner Kit, $5.25,

Upgrade from liquid liner to gel and don't even stress about finding the perfect brush with this gel liner kit.

10. Matte Setting Spray

Matte Setting Spray, $6.67,

What's the point of painting your face perfectly to just have it all worn off by the end of the day? Invest in a setting spray and never worry about reapplication again.

11. Matte Lip Cream

Matte Lip Cream, $4,

This cruelty free lip cream is the best purchase if you want to keep your lips looking great all day. It works as a stain or if you layer it, a lipstick all on its own.

12. Travel Brush Set

Travel Brush Set, $6.99,

If you're a gal on the go, carrying your full makeup set and brushes around with you can just add to the stress. Instead, invest in a specific travel set that never has to leave your bag and serves all the purposes of your full sizes versions.

13. Black Fineline Eyeliner

Black Fineline Eyeliner, $5.25,

Get that liner flick perfect with this precision eyeliner pen.

14. Matte Blue Eyeliner

Matte Blue Liner, $9.67,

Why limit your eyeliner to differing shades of black? Stand out in a sea of cat eyes with this stunning blue liner.

15. Clear Nail Polish

Clear Top Coat Nail Polish, $5,

As well as serving as a top coat, clear polish can stop your tights from running more or stop your rings turning your fingers green — a must have product in any beauty collection.

16. Brow Kit

Brow Kit, $11.17,

This kit's tiny accessories means it's perfect for brows on the go. With two brow powder tones, a highligher and a wax, this kit has everything you need for the best brows out there.

17. Red Lipstick

Beauty Fever Lipstick, $3.75,

It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from or your level of obsession with makeup — a red lipstick is a necessity for any makeup bag.

These products may remind you that Hot Topic is still in the mix as as a contemporary brand — and that it has a whole lot more to offer than mall goth accessories. Check out their beauty products IRL ASAP, and bring along your emo cousin for kicks.

Images: Courtesy Hot Topic