'Bachelor' Alum Nikki Ferrell Is Married

There's some incredibly exciting Bachelor news to relay. According to Us Weekly, on Saturday, Bachelor alum Nikki Ferrell married Tyler Vanloo. It's especially gratifying to hear that Ferrell is so content with her love life because Juan Pablo (her ex) was, uh, well... not the most well received Bachelor in our time. OK, that's putting it mildly, but for the sake of keeping things cool in light of Ferrell's happy news, I won't rehash long dormant grudges that fans may or may not still harbor. Anyway, let's put the focus back on Ferrell because it was her (and Valoo's) big day after all. One that old flames don't play a part in.

But, that doesn't mean that Bachelor friends can't still be included. You need something new and old when you're getting married, right? Well, Ferrell definitely seems to think so. According to Us Weekly, Andi Dorfman used her Snapchat to share a sweet Instagram shoutout to her friend, declaring Ferrell her own personal crush for #WomanCrushWednesday. It seems Dorfman was more than excited for her pal to get married, writing in the caption, "#WCW in honor of the most beautiful bride to be! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend!!!! Love you @nikki_ferrell." The words went alongside confetti, bride, and cake emojis, as is fitting.

Dorfman's words make a lot of sense once you realize the special role she played in Ferrell's day. Per Ferrell's gorgeous Instagram shot of her pink clad bridal party, Dorfman was one of the ethereal looking bridesmaids.

But the bridesmaids and of course, Ferrell, weren't the only ones looking positively beautiful. As per the bride's Instagram post preceding the wedding, the reality star made sure her wedding was extremely aesthetically pleasing, right down to the invitations.

Despite the elegant affair, if you're a Bachelor fan and this wedding feels just a little bit out of left field, rest assured that it's anything but. Us Weekly points out that, "the newlyweds were friends for several years before they began dating." Which only makes their marriage that much more rom-com. It's obvious that both Dorfman and Valoo didn't let each other be the "one that got awaym" and they are so much happier for it.

See? The Bachelor does provide a happily ever after, just perhaps not always the one we're expecting.