Lindsay Lohan's Latest Mission Is Heartwarming

Do you ever stop and ask yourself: What is Lindsay Lohan up to nowadays? If conducting a quick Google search, recent headlines range from celebrating Mean Girls Day (on October 3, obviously) to almost losing a finger in a boating accident. Aside from those attention-grabbing instances, there's something else that deserves the spotlight. For the past two weeks, Lohan has been visiting Syrian refugees in Turkey. Admittedly, I was a little taken aback — but in a good way — by this news. Here are more details from the Associated Press:

The Anadolu Agency said Saturday the U.S. actress toured the social facilities and preschool in Nizip before giving refugee children there presents. She also visited an art and handicrafts workshop where she talked with the female students.

She also reportedly visited an Istanbul book fair, where she bought books for refugee children. While Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., is busy comparing refugees to poisonous Skittles, the Freaky Friday actor is going out of her way to make them feel at home. I'm in awe of Lohan's compassion, especially since she's been flying under the radar while doing so. Seriously, why are more people not talking about this? I doubt she's traveling just for the attention, but she certainly does deserve a round of applause for her humanity.

Throughout the trip, she's posted Instagrams of her interactions with Syrian families, who fled Aleppo. Plus, the video below adds even more insight. As the narrator explains, Lohan's goal is to help, as well as inspire others to do their part.

One particularly heartwarming Instagram shows Lohan in a headscarf, posing alongside an aid worker. She explained in the caption that after complimenting the woman's scarf, she gave it to her as a gift. Lohan wrote, "I was so moved and touched by this that I wanted to wear it in appreciation for all of the generosity and love I received from everyone at the camp."

In sharing the stories of her travels, the 30-year-old is reminding her fans that the world is much bigger than the bubble of Hollywood. These people, who have been forced to relocate from their homes out of fear for their safety, are still human beings. As Lohan noted in the caption below, "Let us start paying some attention." Being aware of what is going on in the world is the first step in creating change.

If you don't follow Lohan on social media already, it's worth looking back through her recent photos. People often associate the actor with her past missteps, instead of seeing how she's changed for the better. Moments like these serve as a reminder that the world is stronger when people come together, not tear each other apart. I'm not just talking about the public's perception of Lohan, but also the greater image of how people view refugees.

Feeling inspired by Lohan's recent trip? Here's a list of ways you can help the Aleppo refugees, too.