Donald Trump's Sniffling Is Driving Twitter Insane

Now that America has survived the doozy of listening to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's sniffles through the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, perhaps we should be been more prepared to endure it again — but the fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is sniffling during the second presidential debate Sunday night, and it's driving poor Twitter insane. Yes, we have hit on some very important issues in the brief few minutes that the debate has been airing — Trump's sexist comments to Billy Bush in 2005, the state of today's youth, the security of our nation — but can anybody hear anything aside from the sniffle, sniffle, sniffling?

Honestly, I am curious at this point from a purely medical standpoint, because he continually breathes through his nose quite audibly despite the public taking notice of it during the first debate. And while "Why are you sniffling, man?" is unlikely to be one of the questions the undecided voters in Sunday night's panel decide to put forth, it sure has a lot of folks scratching their heads. The only thing louder than Trump's sniffles? People on Twitter sounding off about it. Here are some of the sniffly tweets of the night:

1. A Welcome Back To The ~Party~

2. Conspiracy Theories Abound

3. Mic Check, Anyone?

4. #SickBurns, Y'all

5. Points For Consistency

6. Time To Play The Lotto, Maybe

Some people even took the opportunity to have a laugh at Trump's stance on Obamacare and universal healthcare.

7. Thanks, Obama!

8. Time To Move To Canada?

9. Get Well Soon, Brah

Of course, not all of Twitter is on board with dragging Trump's sniffles.


But in case you wanted to take a trip down ~memory lane~, here's a hilarious supercut of all the times Trump sniffled during the first debate.

One large sniff for Trump, very many hilarious tweets for mankind.