Emma Roberts Arrested Following Domestic Dispute That Left Evan Peters With a Bloody Nose

Seems things were scarier in Emma Roberts' house last night than an American Horror Story set. The actress, who has starred in films like Scream 4 and Celeste & Jesse Forever, got into a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, American Horror Story's Evan Peters, that led to Roberts' arrest in Montreal.

According to TMZ, Roberts — who has tried to follow in the acting footsteps of famous aunt Julia Roberts — gave her boyfriend of one year a bloody nose. Peters also had a bite mark following the dispute.

Roberts' rep released a statement to Us Weekly, claiming the incident was "unfortunate" and a "misunderstanding." Read the statement, "Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it."

Earlier this May, Roberts spoke to E! Online about Peters, who she attended Tribeca Film Festival with for their film, Adult World. "It was really fun, getting to be at Tribeca together," Roberts told the outlet. "It was nice, because the work stuff gets boring sometimes, so to have your friends and family and your boyfriend there, it makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun."