This Is What Trump's Words Look Like On Women

Donald Trump's dismissal of his past lewd comments is, to me, the most offensive part. Because really, is there anything more frustrating, more in-your-bones infuriating, more grit-your-teeth-and-slowly-close-your-eyes maddening, than being told that "I just start kissing ... I don't even wait" and "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything" are "just words"? During Sunday night's debate, Trump apologized for the so-called "locker room" banter he exchanged with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush back in 2005, but went on to flippantly shrug off that conversation, despite the fact that in it, he had tacitly condoned and admitted to sexual assault.

Trump's words — both those caught on tape and those diminishing what was said on that tape — are shining beacons of male privilege and rape culture. When you say you can just go up to a woman and grab her by the genitals, that matters. It matters to women who have to deal with such advances from now-emboldened people, it matters to parents who have to explain bodily autonomy to their children, and it matters to victims of sexual assault. Because words matter. Trump may not realize that, but we do.

Below, 35 women with individual perspectives and unique approaches demonstrate the lasting impact of Trump's rhetoric.

Kate, 31

According to New York, Trump said this about women to his friend Philip Johnson: "You have to treat 'em like shit."

Aly, 32

Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a "fat pig" in an interview with Fox News.

Allison, 26

Trump said this in 2005 of then-Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell.

Anne, 60

Trump asked, "What does Carly Fiorina keep interrupting everybody?" during a primary debate.

Karissa, 31

Trump victim-blamed women serving in the military in a tweet from May 2013.

Samantha, 29

From the previously mentioned New York article from 1992.

Corinne, 23

Trump said this on the Access Hollywood bus in 2005. The audio and video was released to The Washington Post on Friday.

Tricia-Nicole, 27

Trump said this of New York Times columnist Gail Collins.

Kathleen, 27

Trump said this of Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate.

Julie, 33

In the Access Hollywood tape, Trump said of women, "You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy."

Katarina, 9

Trump said this during a 2007 seminar on success.

Kerry, 27

In 2014, Trump tweeted these words about Rosie O'Donnell.

Brittany, 27

Trump said this to lawyer Elizabeth Beck, who needed to take a break from a meeting to pump breast milk.

Tracy, 45

Trump expressed these views first in 2005, then again in 2007.

Chissy, 25

Trump said this about a female reporter.

Lindsay, 34

Trump said this of leaving women when they reach a certain age.

Hayley, 26

Another quote from the Access Hollywood tape.

Anna, 26

Trump said this of the media and of women in an Esquire interview.

Jordan, 27

Trump said this of Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Heather, 27

He said this about Machado as well.

Melissa, 29

In 1994, Trump said this to ABC News.

Sara, 29

Trump said this about women during an appearance on Howard Stern's radio show.

Lexie, 27

This is how Trump described Hillary Clinton to Fox News.

Jordan, 26

That quote to New York really resonates.

Celia, 27

From the Access Hollywood tapes.

Tracy, 27

Could you imagine hearing that?

Ceci, 23

Trump wrote this in his book How To Get Rich, published in 2004.

Jo, 24

"I just start kissing them."

Tala, 12

Trump wrote this in Trump: The Art of the Comeback in 1997.

Ann, 52

It does not equal respect for women.

Krystal, 24

"Like, you wouldn't have your job."

Heather, 33

No, you really don't.

Hana, 31

Again, from the Access Hollywood tape.

Laura, 40

The final debate is Oct. 19.

Wendy, 24

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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