Lady Gaga Teases Her Carpool Karaoke Set List

Time to get ready for one of the most epic Carpool Karaokes ever. According to the world's most exciting Twitter post, Lady Gaga will be on Carpool Karaoke. That’s right, Mother Monster herself will be sitting shotgun next to the The Late Late Show host in a Carpool Karaoke segment coming to you soon. And, thankfully for us, we don’t have to wait until this amazing event airs to find out just what songs Lady Gaga will be singing on Carpool Karaoke. The singer didn’t officially announce any of them just yet, but she did graciously give us some great hints.

Just take a look at those hashtags. In addition to the picture she posted on Twitter — a picture of her standing beside James Corden in matching pink hats — the singer included a telling caption. The picture’s caption reads, “Had a lil fun with @JKCorden today!” and includes the telling hashtags “#JOANNE,” “#CARPOOLKARAOKE,” “#MILLIONREASONS,” and “#PERFECTILLUSION.”

Of course, those hashtags could just be a shout out to her new songs, but I have a feeling that they are actually providing a little sneak peek into what the singer and comedian will be performing as they cruise around California. With hashtags like that, I think there’s a good chance they will be performing Lady Gaga’s songs “Million Reasons” and “Perfect Illusion,” two new hits off of her as yet to be released album, Joanne.

I’m sure, though, that Corden and Gaga will perform a number of other hit songs from the award-winning songstress. Some of her most famous, of course, are “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face,” among others. I have a pretty good feeling that mixed in with these more popular fan favorites will be newer music from Joanne — perhaps even a new song entirely for fans to enjoy. Lady Gaga has been debuting new Joanne music in some pretty unconventional ways lately, like during a dive bar set.

So get your crazy costumes and rhinestone microphones ready. This Carpool Karaoke is bound to be packed with the perfect combination of new and old favorites.