Lyanna Mormont Is Coming Back!

by Allie Gemmill

In case you haven't heard, it's is confirmed that Lyanna Mormont is returning to Game of Thrones in Season 7. Yes, that's right: Our favorite, pint-sized, receipt-reading queen of Bear Island is going to grace our television screens once again. I'm almost too hyped to write the rest of this article because this is literally the best piece of Game of Thrones-related casting news but I shall press on. After making her mark in Season 6, it was only natural that Lyanna would once again resurface in Season 7. Why not? She's pragmatic, independent, intelligent, able to hold her own in a room full of mean two to three times her age and, above all, she does not back down from a challenge. Better still, she stole every scene she was in during Season 6. You can't simply let that kind of screen presence go to waste.

With the recent announcement of her return to Game of Thrones, there still one very important question to be asked: in what capacity will Lyanna be featured in Season 7? Luckily, Lyanna had very few scenes in Season 6 which, in this case, means that there are a plethora of plots that she can be woven into in the next season. We've seen her coolly rule on Bear Island, on the battlefield and in Winterfell. It would be natural — and welcome — to rejoin her in any of those settings. But what about meeting new characters? Making unexpected alliances? My mind is all aflutter with the possibilities, so here is my best guess for how Lyanna will be used in Season 7.

1. She Will Help Daenerys

Daenerys is all about supporting and aligning with other women. Perhaps word will reach her (thanks to the Mormont name) that Lyanna is available to give her support in her quest to reclaim the Iron Throne. Daenerys has already recruited the Greyjoys. She'll need strong allies who know the political and physical landscape of Westeros is she is going to win.

2. She Will Move Into Winterfell & Serve Jon Snow

Lyanna said it herself: she is ride or die for #TeamStark and that means wholeheartedly supporting Jon Snow in whatever he may do. Jon totally recognizes her potential, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that she will stay on and serve as an advisor to Jon in some capacity. The lady is wise beyond her years; she needs to put that knowledge to good use.

3. We'll Rejoin Her On Bear Island

Chances are high that Lyanna will hear the call of her home on Bear Island and bid adieu to Winterfell. I think we'd all like to see what Lyanna's life on Bear Island is like when people are visiting and asking for her help. Who wouldn't want an entire episode devoted to Lyanna, á la the Hound's solo episode wherein we saw him working in that religious commune? It would be delightful.

4. Jorah Mormont Will Contact Her For Help

Listen, Jorah is in dire need of some help considering his...predicament. With Jeor Mormont dead and no other relatives around (that we know about, anyway), it's entirely possible Jorah could visit Bear Island and lean on Lyanna for a bit of a familial help. She could become as asset in his convalescence and in his attempts to reunite with Daenerys, who will also be in Westeros.

5. She Could Cross Paths With Arya Stark

Lyanna may choose to return to Bear Island rather than chill (literally, because winter is finally here) and in the process, chances are high she will cross paths with Arya. Arya is herself already making her way back to Winterfell, so it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility that she and Lyanna could meet. Perhaps a friendship and alliance is in the cards for these young women warriors?

6. There Will Be A Brienne/Lyanna Alliance

Instead of meeting Arya on the road back to Bear Island, there's a good chance that she will cross paths with Brienne. What if they met and formed a unique female warrior team that literally just rode around and defended the Starks from harm? If this happens, I think we'll need to petition HBO for a spinoff.

7. She Will Fight Cersei Lannister

We know that Lyanna doesn't deal with foolishness nor will her loyalties stray much from Jon Snow. Thus, Cersei is an immediate threat and we may see her drawn into the impending battle to dethrone Cersei. To be honest, Lyanna would make such a badass warrior.

8. Will Lyanna Team With Tormund?

Kristofer Hivju (a.k.a. Tormund) has already snapped the above selfie of he and Bella Ramsey (a.k.a. Lyanna) on set and coyly teased they would be in a scene together. What if Lyanna went with Tormund back to the Wildling camp and worked to bring them to Winterfell to support Jon Snow? Or better yet, she went on behalf of Jon Snow to convince the Wildlings to help fight off the White Walkers. Now that's an alliance.

9. Lyanna Is All About Keeping The Peace

Even if Lyanna doesn't stay stationed at Winterfell or Bear Island, she will very well be keeping peace throughout the land. She may only be 11 years old, but she's proven she is a force to be reckoned with. What if she follows in Brienne's path and becomes a peace-keeper? Or perhaps a valiant warrior? Watching that transformation would be so empowering.

10. Lyanna Will Have Just One Scene, But It Will Be Iconic

Her first scene was instantly memorable (or did you forget how quickly she took Jon and Sansa down a peg?) and thus, it stands to reason that she may be featured yet again in Season 7 in one truly iconic scene. We all know she has the chops to make the most of her five minutes, so you can bet your boots her appearance will be a season highlight.

11. We'll See Her In An Unexpected Plotline

I'm not saying it could happen but then again, Game of Thrones is completely off the beaten-track of the books. I'm not ready to shelve Lyanna as a possible ruler one the dust has well and truly settled.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO; Giphy (8)