'Game Of Thrones' Scene-Stealers Tormund & Lyanna Mormont Should Totally Team Up In Season 7 — PHOTO

Two of Game of Thrones Season 6's scene-stealing actors got together for an on-set selfie and, you guys, I swear by the old gods and the new it is the cutest thing to ever happen on the Internet. Kristofer Hivju and Bella Ramsey, better known as Tormund and Lyanna Mormont, posted the most adorable selfie on Instagram, and Hivju even teased a potential Season 7 meeting between the Wildling and the fierce Lady Mormont. It's cute, and begs the question: is the world ready for so much awesome to be on-screen at the same time? I don't care because a Tormund and Lyanna team up needs to happen.

While Hivju coyly refused to deny or confirm working with Ramsey in his post, his adoration of the young actress and her talents was clear. "LOOK OUT FOR THIS ONE! Bella Ramsey portrays Lyanna Mormont with such a strength, authority and coolness!" Hivju captioned the photo, melting hearts everywhere (or, at least, mine) in the process.

Since both Tormund and Lyanna are supporters of the newly minted King in the North Jon Snow, it is not a stretch to imagine Tormund and Lyanna sharing scenes together in Season 7. As stern as Lyanna is, I suspect Tormund would amuse her, even though she would never admit it. After all, House Mormont is a proud house filled with fighters, which includes Jorah and Lord Commander Mormont, and Tormund knows how to tussle with the best of them.

Tormund and Lyanna could be the next Hound and Arya, minus the constant threats to kill each other. Lady Lyanna has lost way too many family members in her short life, and she could use someone like Tormund by her side. After she pledged all her men to Jon, House Mormont's army could use replenishing and if anyone is going to look past Tormund's Wildling heritage and appreciate his combat skills, it is going to be the practical Lyanna.

I suspect Tormund would adore the little Lady and her intensity. The show has made it clear Tormund has major respect for powerful women — see his instant love for Brienne — and Lyanna is one of the most powerful leaders in all of Westeros. Tormund doesn't care much for the traditions of Westeros, but his friendship with Jon and his admiration for women who can take care of themselves would probably be more than enough to convince him to take on an official role as leader of the House Mormont army.

Imagine the possibilities of Tormund allying himself with Lyanna — he could teach the Lady how to fight. He could even bring out the playful child inside the serious young woman. Come on, you know you want to see if Tormund can make Lyanna laugh.

Game of Thrones Season 7 needs to make the world's newfound Lyanna/Tormund team up dreams come true. These two characters need to meet (and become Westeros' newest BFFs). However, even if they don't find time to hang out in the sure to be intense Season 7, at least fans can treasure the flawless selfie that brought the actors together offscreen.

Images: HBO; Giphy