Maureen McCormick Talks Her Dark Past On 'DWTS'

While Maureen McCormick's foxtrot with Artem Chigvintsev on Dancing with the Stars was simply beautiful since it channeled her wedding day, the story that inspired it showed that The Brady Bunch actress has had her fair share of struggles. For McCormick's Most Memorable Year on Dancing with the Stars, she chose 1985 for the year that she married husband Michael Cummings. Although a wedding is a joyous occasion, her taped segment before the dance was even more emotional since she spoke about her severe cocaine addiction, and how her husband of over 30 years helped save her from rock bottom.

Her Brady Brunch co-stars Florence Henderson and Christopher Knight offered some insight into how difficult the transition from child star was for McCormick (and many other child actors for that matter), and McCormick opened up about how dark her party days after she starred as Marcia Brady got. She mentioned she had done things she was not proud of and when she met her husband, she had come out of "five-year heavy cocaine addiction." Dancing with the Stars isn't the first time that McCormick has discussed her past since she wrote about her drug addiction in her 2008 memoir Here's the Story . Still, it was brave for McCormick to speak about it and then dance so gracefully after her story was shared with the audience.

The judges gave her a score of 24, but what probably brought her more joy was her husband being there to congratulate her and say how much he still cares for her after 31 years of marriage. With a committed relationship like that, it's obvious why 1985 was McCormick's Most Memorable Year.