The One Product Makeup-Free Alicia Keys Still Uses

If you're a fan of the makeup-free selfie and not having to wear any sort of product for days at a time, there's no doubt that Alicia Keys' decision to stop wearing makeup has probably been pretty empowering for you. Early on in her career, Keys felt pressure to look a certain way, so she wore makeup because it's what people said her fans wanted. And now, the singer is embracing her own look and not worrying about how people might perceive her: something we can all learn from and embrace!

But of course going makeup-free doesn't mean you have to ditch your entire beauty routine. Even Keys has her favorite products that she uses on a daily basis to keep her fresh face looking great without having to wear makeup. Whether Keys is flaunting her new look behind the piano or sitting in her chair on The Voice, her lips always look plump and hydrated. It's all thanks to Streeters makeup artist Dotti who uses a special product on Keys' lips to keep them from chapping.

Dotti uses Lano's 101 Original Ointment that can be used for almost everything dry-skin related. The ointment is made with the world's purest quality lanolin that contains a molecular structure which mimics your skins' own oils in order to lock in moisture. Because it's a multi-purpose balm that not only protects and heals, you can use it on your lips like Keys does, or anywhere that needs some love — cracked heels, insect bites, and even windburn.

If you're in need of a good moisturizer before winter hits, definitely consider Lano's no. 1 ointment. You can find in stores at Whole Foods and online at Feel Unique.

Keeping the skin and lips soft and hydrated is key to Keys' glowing face.

101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm, $14.08,

If anyone asks, you can say your friend Alicia recommended it to you. Wink wink.

Images: Getty Images (1); Courtesy of Lano (1)