It's Waffle Day! Here Are 9 Sweet and Savory Ways to Celebrate

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Our Swedish friends know what’s up. They gave us meatballs and minimalism, IKEA and ABBA — and today, they bring us Våffeldagen. It might sound like the apocalypse. Or maybe like a death metal band. But Våffeldagen, my friends, honors the most glorious of foodie creations: it’s Waffle Day, and we’re partying in style.

As it happens, those of us stateside already have a National Waffle Day to call our own. But it’s not until August…and, well, we don’t mind celebrating twice. Whether you like them sweet or savory, topped with fried chicken or drizzled in syrup, we’ve rounded up the fluffiest, most decadent and soul-satisfying waffles. Break out the iron — it’s time to celebrate.

Image: How Sweet Eats

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