Snapchat Adds "Story Playlist" To Curate Snaps

Good news, snap masters: in response to the public outrage of Auto Advance, Snapchat's latest update "Story Playlist" lets users curate which Stories they want to see once and for all. Earlier this year, Snapchat rolled out an update that let you view all your Snaps at once as a constant loop; you might, for instance, end up looking at your frenemy's Snap story unintentionally, simply because you clicked on your BFFs and their names were close to each other's alphabetically. (LE GASP.) The Auto Advance update left users without a way to only watch one person's story, because there was no way to see just how many Snaps were in the story before auto-rolling to someone else's. Enter Story Playlist, the Snap hero that you deserve.

Using Story Playlist, you can once again watch the individual Stories of your friends without living in constant fear of barging in on another one. All you have to do is update your Snapchat account, then tap the Story thumbnail next to the names of friends you want to add to your playlist. You can easily add or remove friends from your story based on whoever your XOXO Gossip Girl has gone after this week, leaving you in constant control of what you're looking at on Snapchat — without your friends knowing whether or not you've put them on your Playlist.

"Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to – not all of our friends – and Auto Advance prevented that," wrote Team Snapchat in a blog post on Oct. 7. "Starting today for select Snapchatters in our Android community and rolling out soon across all Android and iOS, the Auto Advance feature will be removed to give you control of your Story viewing experience once again!"

If the update hasn't hit you yet, fellow Snapper, then never fear — as with all major rollouts with social media like this, it's just a waiting game. But hopefully it will roll out before you have to watch another Snap from that one friend of yours from high school who married a chef and is living the dream so hard that your eyes can't take it anymore. (BRB, simultaneously weeping and salivating.)

It will be interesting to see if this affects Instagram Stories, which launched with a functionality similar to Auto Advance. But then again, unlike Snapchat, you can see exactly how many posts someone has and navigate away pretty easily before it heads to someone else's. Only time will tell if Insta will follow suit — but in the meantime, it is time to free yourself from the shackles of Auto Advance, fellow Snappers. SNAPCHAT IS A FREE LAND ONCE MORE.

Images: Getty; Giphy