Meet The Grown-Up 'Slime Time Live' Cake

by Dasha Fayvinova

If there was one thing on television that we all loved growing up, it was the amazing green slime that rained down on kid-contestants during Slime Time Live. It was the mixture of challenges, questions, and green goop that really captured our hearts in a major way. I would even so far as to venture that most of us could only dream of getting close to that coveted neon podium. Well, you can relive those childhood memories this Halloween, by making your very own Slime Time Live cake! A creation so lovely, it takes you back to the early 2000s with every bite.

The creator of the cake is Amanda Rettke, who posts delicious and mind-blowing creations on her Instagram account @IAmBaker all the time. Her use of color and decorative flourishes are really something to check out on a full stomach. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of a sugar overdose after scrolling just a few photos down. With Halloween coming up, Amanda has been posting videos of cakes and desserts that you can prep at home for your next spooky get-together with friends.

All of them are constantly being commented on and praised online, but it was her more recent post of a Slime Cake that has everyone online buzzing with nostalgia. The unmistakable neon green coloring of the slime making its way down the chocolate cake is basically everything you want in a desert.

The recipe that Amanda provides shows viewers exactly how to make the fateful green slime.

You need vanilla pudding, neon green coloring and pure lime extract. The rest of the recipe and instructions can be found on her website. Aside from the ingredients, you'll need three six-inch baking pans for the chocolate cake base, and some piping tools or a plastic bag to pile the chocolate frosting and green slime into the cake. The rest is how to decide to consume the cake all together. My goal is to look like this by the end:

If you're truly feeling nostalgic, why not make this cake and then watch an entire episode of the show with your friends? Everyone remembers yelling at their television, hoping that the contestants hear you and do exactly what you want them to do! I'm sure you can more than a few find reruns somewhere online.

You see, Slime Time Live might have ended its run in 2003, but it will forever be in our hearts. Especially since they keep reminding us of it at every Kids Choice Awards ever. Celebrities getting slimed? Yes, please!

Images: Giphy (2); Instagram