Milo Ventimiglia’s Dating Advice Is Really Good

If I had to guess which Gilmore Girls star would give the best advice about love and relationships, I would not have guessed the guy who played Jess Mariano. But, turns out that Milo Ventimiglia has some pretty wise words to share about love and what makes a strong relationship work — and not only that, but his dating advice is so unlike Jess Mariano. I can’t even imagine Jess uttering the words that come out of Ventimiglia’s mouth as he describes what exactly it takes to make a relationship work, but trust me when I say that these are words you are going to want to hear.

Now, it might be because Jess was a teenager back then that the idea of him spouting off relationship advice is pretty laughable. But Ventimiglia isn't Jess — he's now a fully grown man at 39 who is starring in the hit TV show This Is Us, which is mostly about relationships. He knows stuff. And, it was during a promotional shoot for this aformentioned series that Ventimiglia displayed just how much by sharing some pretty sound dating advice.

Speaking exclusively with E!, Ventimiglia opened up about what he knows makes a good relationship work. When asked to share some advice for the women out there, deep in the dark trenches of the dating pool, Ventimiglia had this to say: "Be yourself. If you guys click — great. If you don't, it's OK. You're not supposed to be with one another." Can you picture Jess Mariano being cool with not initially clicking with Rory Gilmore? The entire plot line of their love would have been nonexistent if he followed this advice and not fought tooth and nail for her attention, even when she was still with Dean.

But that isn’t all of Ventimiglia's wisdom. He also said that once one has a partner, one needs to keep things equal in order to keep both parties happy: "Contribute as much as you'd like to take. That might be a good thing. Don't just take, take, take, take, take — give, give, give, give." Clearly Ventimiglia knows a lot more about love and relationships than Jess Mariano ever did.

Either that, or he’s been reading those books on selfless love that Luke kept stashed around the diner.

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