Hillary & Bill Costumes Are Stronger Together

The chill of October is finally in the air, and there's not much time left until the spookiest holiday of the year. What better way to celebrate the upcoming general election than by using it as inspiration for your couples costume? For those of you who have waited to see a woman take the White House, this is the time to let everyone know where your political loyalties lie and support our (hopeful) future commander-in-chief. Creating a couples costume for Hillary and Bill Clinton doesn't have to be costly or difficult. Let's celebrate the political powerhouse (oh, and Bill, too) this holiday season.

Hillary and Bill recently celebrated their 41st anniversary together. It's been a long time since the two met, and they've weathered their fair share of scandals and setbacks, but they have proven to America that they're in it to win it. You and your partner don't have to be as committed as the political couple, but when choosing your costume, it might be helpful to consider some of the history Hillary and Bill have together. From Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky and later impeachment to Hillary's duties as senator and secretary of state, the two have worked their way past pretty much any obstacle in their way. For the first costume, let's take it back to the early days.

1. Hippie Hillary And Bill

Step 1: For Bill, I'd suggest looking for a wig that embodies the true glory that was Bill's hair in this picture. Unfortunately, they're hard to find, so you might have to settle for this wig, and then rough it up a bit so that it's wild and crazy. Throw on a corduroy blazer, turtleneck, and wide jeans, and you're good to go.

Corduroy Blazer, $55, H&M; Turtleneck, $50, H&M

Bill Clinton Wig, $20, Amazon

Step 2: For young Hillary's look, a pea coat, boot cut jeans, and black heeled boots will have you feeling like a college student. Accentuate with some Lennon-esque sunglasses and a shoulder-length wig, and you're all set.

Pea Coat, $55, Forever21; Boot Cut Jeans, $55, Gap; Black Heeled Boots, $35, Forever21; Shoulder-length Wig, $19, Amazon

Lennon-esque Sunglasses, $6, Amazon

Step 3: Grab some books and pretend you attended Yale.

2. Grandparents Hillary And Bill

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: A little less formal than typical Hillary and Bill, they were still matching in preppy, neutral-colored jackets. While Hillary's jacket is very unique, this houndstooth jacket from Etsy is a similar look, and pairing it with a black shirt, black pants, and a Hillary wig will get you close to the look you want.

Houndstooth Jacket, $39, Etsy; Black Shirt, $12, Target; Black Pants, $20, Old Navy

Hillary Clinton Wig, $20, Amazon

Step 2: For Bill, layer this gray blazer over a green polo, add some gray pants. Top it off with a Bill mask.

Gray Blazer, $70, H&M; Gray Pants, $20, Target; Bill Mask, $9, Amazon

Green Polo, $13, Target

Step 3: To illustrate the grandparents point, use a baby doll like this one to carry around throughout the night. Feel free to call him Aidan and fawn over your youngest grandchild.

Baby Doll, $15, Amazon

3. Young(er) Hillary And Bill


Step 1: For Hillary, a nice vintage button-up suit will really make the look. Even better if there's padded shoulders to give it an authentic '90s feel. Try this vintage skirt suit set. Layer a neutral turtleneck underneath and add a Hillary mask.

Neutral Turtleneck, $20, Uniqlo; Hillary Mask, $21, Amazon

Vintage Skirt Suit, $20, Etsy

Step 2: Find a suit for Bill, a white dress shirt, and an ugly '90s tie. Add a Bill mask.

Suit, $358, J.Crew; White Dress Shirt, $30, Uniqlo; Bill Mask, $11, Amazon

Ugly 90's Tie, $8, Rusty Zipper

Step 3: Look young and hopeful. Remember, at this point, Bill hasn't been impeached and Hillary hasn't sat through 11 hours of Bengazi hearings.

4. Campaigning Hillary And Bill

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: For Hillary, show your support in a Bill for First Gentleman.

Bill Clinton For First Gentleman T-Shirt, $22, Bill Clinton For First Gentleman

Step 2: Add these fun Hillary sunglasses.

Hillary Sunglasses, $10, Amazon

Step 3: For Bill, pull on an "I'm With Her" shirt from the Clinton campaign store. Top it off with a Bill mask.

Bill Mask, $11, Amazon

I'm With Her Tee, $30, Hilary Clinton

Step 4: Wear your support for the political couple proudly. Pretend that these are Hillary and Bill's casual day-off clothing for when they need to give each other an extra boost. Or layer under a blazer to make it more presidential.

Blazer, $129, Zara

5. Pneumonia Hillary And Bill

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Tylenol Extra Strength, $13, Amazon

Step 1: Even presidential candidates get sick sometimes (many months of handshakes will do that to a person.) For this costume, use this handy Hillary paper mask, throw on these cool and comfy Hillary pajamas, and grab a box of tissues. No need to do any makeup or hair or anything — you're sick! Take it easy and get some rest. Let Bill deal with the details.

Hillary Pajama Top And Bottoms, $40, Cafe Press

Hillary Clinton Paper Mask, $8, Amazon; Bill Clinton Paper Mask, $9, Amazon

Step 2: For Bill, use a matching paper mask and attend to Hillary's needs. You might need to stump for her while she takes a few days off to rest, so make sure you have the proper blazer, chinos, and Hillary pin to get America pumped up for Hillary.

Blazer, $90, Target; Chinos, $20, Target; Hillary Pin, $5, Hillary Clinton

6. Hillary And Bill For Prison

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Step 1: Feed right into the Trump supporters' dislike for Hillary and their belief that she should be in jail. Find a Hillary mask, like this one from Amazon. You can either throw on a black and white striped T-shirt and pants, or go for the all-orange look. Either way, your fellow party-goers will get it.

Black And White Striped T-Shirt, $8, Amazon; Orange T-Shirt, $9, Target

Hillary Mask, $15, Amazon

Step 2: For Bill, use a mask and feel free to copy the attire or to use your own imagination for what he would wear to visit his wife in prison.

Bill Clinton Mask, $11, Amazon; Dickies T-Shirt, $12, Amazon

7. Democratic National Convention Hillary And Bill


Step 1: A white pantsuit for Hillary. This white ASOS blazer is the perfect crisp and professional jacket worthy of accepting the Democratic Party's nomination. Yes, it's almost $90, but think of all the glass ceilings you'll smash when you wear it to your next board meeting. Totally worth it. Add a smiling Hillary mask to celebrate.

Smiling Hillary Mask, $4, Amazon

ASOS Blazer, $90, Asos

Step 2: An equally tailored suit jacket for your Bill will have you both looking presidential. This black H&M blazer is a reasonable price for a great-fitting jacket he'll be able to wear over again. Use this laughing Bill mask to communicate your joy.

Laughing Bill Mask, $9, Amazon

Black Blazer, $70, H&M

Step 3: Finish out your costumes with some red, white, and blue balloons. Blow them up, tape them to your jackets, and tell Bill to look awestruck so the look is complete.

Royal Blue Balloons, $3, Amazon

No matter which Hillary and Bill costume you choose, you're sure to sleep easy knowing the election is almost over.

Images: Amazon (6); The First Gentleman (1); (1); ASOS (1); H&M (1); Etsy (1); Target (1); Rusty Zipper (1)