Bite's Holiday Offerings Are Liplicious!

"I have too many lipsticks," said no one ever. That statement just doesn't compute. There are so many textures, types, colors, formulas, and brands. That's why the mere idea of a bare-lipped day just doesn't register with me! Bite Beauty's 2016 holiday collection looks liplicious because duh. Even though I only saw a short, teaser video of the holiday pieces, the innovative and rapidly growing brand focuses on lips, lips, lips, and more lips. Bite is gearing up for the holiday season in a maj way and it's exactly what you'd expect. So, what's in Bite Beauty's 2016 holiday lineup?

The brand Instragrammed a video, in which the holiday offerings were on display in festive, golden packaging. It appears to be lots and lots of lipstick sets. While we don't know what's inside each set, you can rest assured that your pout will be well-covered. Whoever is tasked with purchasing gifts for you this holiday season certainly has plenty of options if you put Bite Beauty on your wish list.

The caption even noted that there is more Bite Holiday 2016 to come. Wait, there's more?! I am already seeing a lot of gifting options and lip collections in this quick clip. Even if there aren't any other holiday pieces and Bite was merely referring to the fact that more details are to come, the brand certainly has a lot of easy-to-lust-after items in this lineup.

Bustle reached out to Bite for further details on Holiday 2016.

The brand posted this blurry tease a week ago, as well.

Bite also posted its adorbs Amuse Bouche holiday collection — The Perfect Bite set.

You need to take care of your lips — with moisturizing, pigment-packed lippies. Bite answers the call with its products.

While the video teaser doesn't breakdown the specifics of what's in each set, fans are positively adorable in their reactions. They range from cute variations of "Stop, I'm going to go broke" to speculation about what comprises these sets. Fans and Biters are certainly curious about a potential Multistick set and are wondering what's the deal with the big kits featured in the vid.

OMG, cute, right?

Bite Holiday 2016 wants to paint your pout and empty your piggy bank. Expect well-covered lips with the entire Bite Beauty Holiday 2016 range.

Image: Bite Beauty/Instagram (3)