Stassi Schroeder Needs To Join 'Scream Queens'

Scream Queens may become infinitely better thanks to one Vanderpump Rules star. There is a chance that Stassi Schroeder will join Scream Queens. During her Straight Up with Stassi podcast, Schroeder sat down with Emma Roberts, who plays Chanel Oberlin on the hit series. Well, Roberts sees Schroeder's as a future guest star on the dramedy and is going to do whatever it takes to make an appearance happen. "I'm pretty sure you could sue us because I think Chanel stole your diary," Roberts said. Of course, Schroeder freaked out appropriately and responded, "I am dropping the mic. I feel like no compliment will ever live up to that so I might as well just be shot dead right now."

If you think Roberts is joking, she sure doesn't sound like she is. "Honestly, I’m petitioning — I want you to be on the show and then they'll kill you," she added. Roberts even said that she thinks Schroeder should come on as another Chanel, but she'll probably end up dying like most other guest actors. Schroeder couldn't be more willing to come on and die: "Yes! Murder me! Do whatever you want. Listen, I’ll seriously, I'll do whatever you want."

Whether you consider yourself a fan of the Bravolebrity or not, there is no denying that she is the perfect casting choice. She wouldn't even need to be written a role and could easily play herself, because she is basically a real-life Chanel Oberlin as Roberts pointed out. Schroeder belongs on Scream Queens and here's why it's the one scripted series fitting for her.

She's Self-Absorbed

Like Schroeder, most of the Scream Queens characters love themselves — a lot.

She's The Queen Bee

I have a feeling she and Chanel Oberlin would get into a fight over who really is at the top.

She Doesn't Like Anyone

Rarely does anyone get along on Scream Queens, so Schroeder would definitely fit in.

She Can't Help But Be Mean

Being mean is basically the premise of the FOX series.

She Has To Live A Certain Lifestyle

She is like all of the Chanels.

She's Beyond Dramatic

Schroeder gives Chanel a run for her money in the drama department.

She Has The Best One-Liners

The dialogue on Scream Queens is fantastic, so Schroeder would certainly fit right in.

Roberts, let's get that petition started to cast Schroeder as either herself or another Chanel, stat.

Images: Giphy (4); bricesander, stassi-schroeder (2)/Tumblr