Fairytales Get A Modern 'Remix' In This Anthology

A partnership between Wattpad, Target, and Gallery Books has brought Wattpad's remixed fairytale collection, Once Upon Now , to Target stores nationwide. The anthology is the result of the big-box store's #OnceUponNow Wattpad contest, which asked users to "write an engaging story about modern life or modern love that in some way allude[d] to or use[d] elements of a fairy tale or myth." The top 10 winning stories — selected by Gallery Books editors from a Wattpad user-voted list of 25 — appear in Once Upon Now.

So what kind of stories made the cut? Wattpad's remixed fairytale collection contains modern-day tales based on Princess & the Pea, Pinocchio, and other favorites. Christine Owen's "Homeschool Hair" features a homeschooled Rapunzel living in a high-rise apartment, and Jesse Sprague's "Awake" casts Sleeping Beauty as the victim of a rare medical syndrome.

Want to win a copy of Wattpad's new anthology? Follow Wattpad on Snapchat and share a picture of yourself dressed as your favorite fairytale character for a chance to win one of five copies of Once Upon Now, signed by the authors.

The 10 lucky authors included in Once Upon Now might have just gotten their big publishing break. They are:

Wattpad's remixed fairytale collection, Once Upon Now, is available in Target stores and online today.

Images: Disney