Kate Middleton, Interior Designer?

Kate Middleton isn't into labels unless they're designer labels. But, still, she's a fashion icon, a princess, a philanthropist, a mother, and now she's adding interior decorator to that already impressive list. According to People, Middleton will be furnishing her house, Anmer Hall, herself, instead of hiring a royal designer, to give the 10-bedroom home a personal touch. She's been spotted looking at rugs and fabrics, browsing tiles and stones, and even considering traditional lighting to turn this house into a home for herself, Prince William, and Prince George. Considering her background in art history and her renowned sense of style, there can't be any doubt that Anmer Hall will look flawless once she's finished.

It may be too soon to tell what her exact plans are for every room, but if her clothes are any indication of her taste, then we can make a few affordable suggestions for those of us on a budget who still want to give our own homes the royal touch.

  1. Elegant Lamp Shades

Considering Middleton's fondness for floral hats, something like this origami lamp cover might be right up her alley. It's intricate and eye-catching and that mint green shade strikes the right tone between youthful and chic, just like many of Middleton's own dresses.

2. Handcarved Jewelry Boxes

Middleton has a knack for striking a perfect balance between feminine and structured in her dresses and jackets. A vintage jewelry box, especially in that understated pearl color with a bejeweled pop at the top, would be perfect addition to the vanity table in her bedroom. If she could fit all of her jewelry in it, that is.

3. Ornate Wall Mirrors

It's not vanity; it's sheer practicality. To put together her outfits, Middleton has got to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror sliding every button and pin in place. This handmade mirror with the painted syroco carving is beautiful even from a distance and it would frame Middleton nicely as she gets ready for her days.

4. IKEA Furniture

Does the thought of furniture from IKEA being in Anmer Hall make you scoff? Hear me out. Middleton is just as committed to charity work as the rest of the royal family and splurging at IKEA instead of having every single piece of furniture custom made for the house would leave a lot of money left over to give back to her loyal subjects. Besides, this Trendig Cabinet has a door pattern that allows for a glimpse at the outfits beyond without even opening the door and it would go so well with the lamp shade.

5. Customized Shoe Storage

It's already been speculated that Middleton's bed of choice will be probably be another Natural Choice 4500 mattress, but the real question to ask is: Where will she keep all her shoes? These pine-carved shoe storage shelves fit neatly under a platform bed like the one Middleton has gushed about, making a fabulous display case for all of her favorite pairs. She'll probably need a second or third Trendig Cabinet to fit all the rest of her shoes, but who doesn't want to get up in the morning and gaze longingly at their Pied a Terre heels?

Image: FiberStore/Etsy; KarensChicNShabby/Etsy; RevivedVintage/Etsy; IKEA; KnotsandBiscuits/Etsy