5 Hilarious Beauty Accounts To Follow On Instagram

From finding insane new nail-art on our Instagram discover pages to shamelessly copying YouTube tutorials, the Interweb has given all of us regular folks a whole new opportunity to experience the beauty industry. As amazing as it is that there are so many different bloggers and gurus and artists out there willing to share their tricks and tips with the world, some of it can start to feel a little... ridiculous. Because of this, it is majorly refreshing (/highly appreciated) when people out there acknowledge just how insane the whole beauty tutorial thing has gotten through hilarious Instagram accounts.

I, personally, am sick of watching the same techniques on how to "perfect a smoky eye" or "how to curl your eyelashes" over and over and over. Considering there are 134 million posts on Instagram tagged #beauty (and at least 133 million of them have something to do with contouring), it's no wonder that things can start to seem stale and repetitive. Luckily, these five accounts add a little bit of humor to the insanity.

For anyone who appreciates @fuckjerry as much as they do @PatMcGrathReal, here are five of the funniest Instagram accounts on the Internet that you should add to your follow list.

1. @LowCheekBones

Some beauty tutorials aren't meant to be tried at home.... and these are all of them. Caroline Solomon got her industry chops in the beauty closets of some major magazines, but has now gone digital to show her followers just how insane the industry really is. Her "tutorials" include seaweed-straight hair, pop rocks lips and full-swarovski-crystal-face. I don't know how she keeps her skin so perfect with all the insane stuff she puts all over it!

2. @BeautyMemes

For your daily reminder that beauty isn't meant to be taken so seriously.

3. @PatrickStarr

Patrick's tagline is "makeup is one size fits all," and his Instagram feed shows exactly that. He tests out crazy trends and intense looks with a fierce sense of humor.

4. @CarelessMorgan

You may remember Morgan Hanbery from her "Oh Shit Makeup Tutorial," where she accidentally shatters her compact and uses every four letter word the rest of us use when we find ourselves in the same situation, and she brings the same level of hilarity (and some really great beauty tips!) to her Instagram feed.

5. @Bustle

Bustle's IG has all kinds of hilarious memes, but the beauty ones in particular will make you realize you are so not the only one who chips their manicure in the first five minutes after you get it or is 90% dry shampoo by Friday afternoon.

Images: lowcheekbones/Instagram