The New 'Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them' Trailer Raises The Stakes To A New High And Leaves Us With Even More Questions — VIDEO

Lumos Maxima is the incantation for a magical charm that produces light from the tip of the wand, and so the latest and presumably final trailer for Fantastic Beats & Where to Find Them starts with its utterance. You could say this is an ideal metaphor for the trailer, as it illuminates the aspects of Newt Scamander's story that have remained heretofore untouched. The almost four minute long trailer is the latest glimpse into the world of Fantastic Beats, offering up more Newt, more magic, more beasts, and more some insight from the creator herself, J.K. Rowling. But, perhaps most vital, it offers up a deeper look into just how tense the separated worlds of the magical and the non-magical (No-Maj) were in 1920s America.

What I'm saying is, America is paranoid about the impending wizard threat, and now, we finally get an extended peek into what that means not only for Newt, but for the ways in which magic developed across an ocean. According to J.K. Rowling, it was a much different story. But, not to be outdone, Rowling has made sure that everything connects back to the Potter books, and as she puts it "in ways that people will find surprising." Feast your eyes on the beasts — and the latest trailer — below.

While the trailer shines light on some aspects of the upcoming film, it also poses a few more questions. For instance...

1. How Was The Development Of Magic Different In America?


During an event for Fantastic Beasts on Thursday, J.K. Rowling said, "In the 1920s, magic developed very differently in America." But, what does that mean? I need to know how it was different, and even better, why it was different.

2. What Was The Punishment For Being A Wizard?


In the video, Eddie Redmayne says, "Many wizards have suppressed their magic to avoid being persecuted by Muggles," which leads me to wonder what kind of punishment a wizard would receive. Obviously it was bad, but how bad?

3. What Kinds of New Spells Will We See?

The Harry Potter franchise introduced us to a bevy of spells, but it looks like Fantastic Beasts will use some magic that we’ve never seen. One example of that, is Tina and Queenie's magical outfit change.

4. But Really, Are The Beasts Dangerous?


Newt seems pretty certain of the fact that his beasts won't do any harm (he tells Percival Graves "Nothing in their is dangerous," re: his briefcase). I think it's fair to wonder whether or not that's true or if he's just trying to protect them.

5. Was The Beast Unleashing Actually An Accident?


Graves asks Newt, "So... setting a pack of dangerous creatures lose here was just another accident?" Another accident? What was the first accident?! Mysterious.

6. What Makes Albus Dumbledore So Fond Of Newt?


Percival tells Newt, "I wonder what makes Albus Dumbledore so fond of you." Must. Know. More.

7. Who Hurt That Man?


Near the end of the trailer, we see a dead man floating above Newt. As Seraphina asks him which creature was responsible for the harm, he says "Look at the marks, no creature did this." Then, who did it?!

8. How Exactly Will It Connect To The World Of Harry Potter?


Perhaps this one's the most important question of all.

Hopefully we'll get some answers when Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them premieres on Nov. 18.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/ Warner Bros. UK/YouTube