When Does Hailey Baldwin x ModelCo Come Out? Mark Your Calendars

If you've ever scrolled through Hailey Baldwin's Instagram and thought to yourself "I wish I could have perfectly illuminated cheekbones like she does," today is your lucky day: Hailey Baldwin is collaborating with ModelCo on a new line of makeup, including a flawless highlighter.

On Thursday, Baldwin Instagrammed a picture of herself wearing ModelCo xHailey Baldwin Highlighter (seriously, though, why do her cheekbones always look so amazing??) and announced that she would be launching a collection with the Australian brand. All we know for sure is that the line has a highlighter, but based on a statement from the brand it seems like it's going to be a full line of products. According to a statement on ModelCo's website, Baldwin said, "My product range is affordable, accessible and combines quality and femininity for a photo-finish inspired look and feel. Think filter-esque hues, sleek packaging and premium formulas.”

Are you not dying to know what that means?!

Besides the Instagram picture and a vague announcement from ModelCo about the collab, everything is still pretty hush hush. We won't be able to get our hands on what I know will be an absolutely lustworthy collection until next month. Baldwin will launch the line herself in Sydney in November, and it will be available on ModelCo’s online store and through retailer Mecca Maxima.

Sadly, the collection is limited edition, so I would imagine it's going to sell out pretty quickly (though maybe I'm cynical because I've been burned before... thanks a lot Kylie Jenner). Based on these excited fans, you're going to want to shop the items as soon as they are released:

Keep an eye on Baldwin's Instagram, and ModelCo's website, for more information in the coming weeks.

Images: Getty; HaileyBaldwin/Instagram