Where To Buy Huda Beauty x Formula X Nail Polishes, Because You Need These Three LE Shades

Stop what you're doing, because Huda Beauty has a new product out. It's probably not what you expect either. Huda Kattan teamed up with Formula X to create three new nail polishes for their Color Curators series. Kattan has thought out all of the colors perfectly, and you're going to want every single one. Where can you buy the Huda Kattan x Formula X Color Creators Collection? There's only one place where you can find them.

Listen up, Huda Beauty lovers, because this is the launch for you. Kattan is the latest pick for Formula X's Color Creators Collection, which features stars like Patrick Starrr and Ashley Graham. The world-known star created three new polishes for the brand's holiday collection, and they are gorgeous. The trio includes a shimmery nude pink, midnight blue, and plum shade that are perfect for fall.

Each one is sold separately on the Sephora site. They'll cost you $12.50 each, and unfortunately you can't bundle all of them. This is the only place to shop them too. Neither of the two brands — Huda Beauty or Formula X — sell them on their site. Oh, and they're limited edition too, so you should probably get to shopping soon.

How gorgeous are these shades! It says on the site exactly what her inspiration was for each color as well. The first is an even rosier rose gold, which could very much be inspired by her Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. The plum shade is for a date night, and she created the shimmery shade as a versatile look for travel.

All of these colors are gorgeous, in my opinion. The pink is definitely the one that stands out when it comes to the shine. Honestly, all of these would look great all year 'round a well as in the fall. Something tells me these will be bestselling shades.

I don't know about you, but I'll be putting all three of these on my holiday wish list.

Images: FormulaXNail/Instagram (1)