Maroon 5's Pokemon-Inspired Music Video, "Don't Wanna Know," Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day — VIDEO

Still obsessed with catching Pokémon? Is Maroon 5 totally your jam? Got a secret shrine to Adam Levine in your closet? Well, for the love of guitar-pop, stop everything you're doing right now, because there's a music video you need to see right away. In what appears to be the result of a set of truly terrific artistic decisions, the new music video for Maroon 5's "Don't Wanna Know" features Levine and the gang wearing some Pokémon-style costumes and looking truly magical as they do so. As you might expect from a music video that includes Maroon 5 wearing Pokémon-inspired costumes, the band is also forced to (of course) run from the public, who are all trying to catch them on their phones.

The story also features a sad little subplot in which Levine broods over his ex-girlfriend (played by Sarah freaking Silverman, y'all, who yes — is also in costume), because even Pokémon-style beasts have feelings guys. The delightfully kitsch music video, which was released on Friday, was directed by Wedding Crashers filmmaker David Dobkin (who also directed their hit video for "Sugar"), which might explain the further cameo appearance of actors Vince Vaughn and Ed Helms. That is a man who is supremely well connected, right there.

All the gaming magic of the "Don't Wanna Know" has got me feeling pretty nostalgic for some other music videos of times past which were also inspired by games. So please, do yourself a favor and check out Maroon 5's video below before treating yourself to watching the 11 other fine examples of gaming-inspired music video excellence listed beneath it:

Maroon5VEVO on YouTube

1. Bjork - "Hyperballad"

Sure, the video for "Hyperballad" might not immediately read as "video game," but once you reach that 1:20 minute sweet spot? Yep, that's digitized Bjork running like she's a character in an old-school scrolling platformer.

2. Hot Chip - "Don't Deny Your Heart"

HotChipVEVO on YouTube

Directed by British comedian and actor Peter Serafinowicz, this offbeat soccer-game inspired music video is full of comedy twists and surprises and is an absolute blast.

3. Beck - "E-Pro"

BeckVEVO on YouTube

Beck looks like a character in his very own homemade indie game in the video for "E-Pro" and I can't lie: I'd totally play it.

4. Missy Elliott - "Sock It 2 Me"

Missy Elliott on YouTube

Of course, Missy Elliott — who I'm still convinced is one of the absolute all-time masters of music videos, has one inspired by a video game, with "Sock It 2 Me" nailing some pretty stellar Mega Man vibes.

5. Sia - "You've Changed"

SiaVEVO on YouTube

It's a game, Jim, but not as you know it. This 2010 music video from the enigmatic musician is a DIY crafted tribute to video games which also serves as being a pretty innovative lyrics video, too.

6. LL Cool J - "The Boomin' System"

SK0881 on YouTube

In 1990, the music video for "The Boomin' System" was hella cutting edge, and featured the sort of real-life, video graphics that would later appear in games on the 1991 Sega Mega CD console.

7. Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Californication"

Red Hot Chili Peppers on YouTube

Serving up some original PlayStation realness, "Californication" is probably one of the most iconic game-inspired music videos of all time. So much so that fans are likely still dreaming about being able to play such a RHCP platformer.

8. Junior Senior - "Move Your Feet"

Crunchy Frog Records on YouTube

Featuring singing hot dogs, a triumphant squirrel and more colors per second that the average happiness-barometer can even fathom, "Move Your Feet" is basically just three minutes of absolute, pixel graphic joy.

9. Air - "Kelly Watch The Stars"

warnermigration on YouTube

See — it's kind of like Pong, except the game that the kids are playing is some kind of cosmic version of it which is influencing the results of an actual game of ping-pong IRL. Pretty damn genius, fellas.

10. Moby - "Wait For Me"

Embassy One on YouTube

The incredibly depressing scrolling platform game of Moby's "Wait For Me" is a little too heartbreaking to watch, never mind ever consider actually playing. I need a hug.

11. Blur - "Ong Ong"

Blur on YouTube

That's more like it! This upbeat video pays tribute to a bunch of classic platform games including Pacman and Kirby's Adventure and well, it's pretty damn smile inducing.

Now if only someone would take the next step and give us a game-inspired music video that we can actually play then I would beyond happy. But until then, we can only hope that more musicians continue to take influence from great games and use it to deliver us with some more truly inventive music videos.

Images: YouTube/Maroon5VEVO