When Will The Jessie James Decker X Alexa Persico Cosmetics Lip Kit Restock? Look Forward To This Date

If you haven’t seen the lipstick Jessie James Decker created, shame on you! She designed a completely wearable nude shade that you’re going to want to get your hands on. The problem is, this lippie is hard to come by. Each and every time it’s available online, it sells out — and quickly! But, you’re in for a treat. When Will The Jessie James Decker X Alexa Persico Cosmetics Lip Kit restock? We’ve got the official word from the brand.

While they can’t confirm the exact date just yet, Alexa Persico told me via email that we could look forward to seeing the JJD-designed Lip Kit again just in time for the holiday season. It’s even gotten a bit of an upgrade this time around! “[The launch] is happening sooner than later, and we are changing up the design a bit this time especially for the holiday season, so get ready,” Persico tells me.

The packaging for the Lip Kit was something that was very important to the duo. “We wanted the packaging to be girly and glamorous, yet wanted to make sure we were attentive to detail, which is why we incorporated the satin lining, metallic printing, mirror, etc,” she said. “We wanted this kit to not only be a product girls can use on the daily, but a keepsake for her fans and beauty lovers around the world.” Now that they’ve rethought the design, you better believe you’re going to love this lippie more than ever before!

This lipstick and liner combo is sure to give you the perfect nude pout.

She really nailed it with this shade.

The fun pink color and luxurious satin lining helped them nail their goal of achieving a "girly and glamorous" feel with the packaging.

Based on the sneak peeks surfacing online, the holiday version of the Lip Kit will have rose gold packaging. How festive!

Looks like they've killed it, yet again. But, don't worry about the lipstick shade changing, Persico assured me, "The Jessie Lipstick and Liner will remain the same signature color fans have been dying to get their hands on since our last release."

Only a few more weeks to wait now! Get ready to shop this set as soon as it drops on the Alexa Persico Cosmetics website.

Image: alexapersicocosmetics/Instagram (1)