11 Beauty Products Every 'Harry Potter' Fan Needs

Harry Potter-themed cosmetics are having a major moment right now, and life basically couldn't be better. After all, what better way to pledge your allegiance to the best fantasy series ever than by with your makeup? There are just some beauty products that every Harry Potter fan needs in their arsenal, from potions-inspired lip glosses (YES), to those absolutely gorgeous wand-shaped makeup brushes (even more YES).

At this point, most of the makeup is fan-made and/or from indie beauty companies, which in a way makes it even more special. These creators really put a lot of heart and soul into the Harry Potter-inspired names and packaging — and of course, the spot-on products themselves. That's not to say a collaboration with a big brand like MAC or Sephora wouldn't be very (very!) welcome right now, but it's nice to see the community coming together and creating such fandom-pleasing makeup products.

So, with that in mind, lets take a look at 11 must-have beauty products for every Potterhead, from Luna Lovegood-inspired lip color (it's gorgeous), to Voldemort-inspired highlighter (surprisingly, just as gorgeous). There are also a few makeup accessories (like Harry Potter makeup pouches and brush holders), so you can really get the full fan experience.

1. Wand Brush Set

Wand Brush Set, $55, Storybookcosmetics

It's certainly not hard to tell why these cooler-than-cool Harry Potter wand-inspired makeup brushes sold out about as fast as one of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits.

2. Magic Wands Make Up Caddy

Magic Wands Make Up Caddy, $25, Etsy

Once you finally get your hands on those special Harry Potter brushes though, it might be time to get this special cup to store them in

3. Dragon Blood Eyeshadow

Dragon Blood Eyeshadow, $10, E tsy

Make Hagrid and Charlie Weasley proud with this dragon-inspired eyeshadow — plus, as a bonus, the tiny little vial looks like something straight out of Potions class.

4. You Know Who Face Highlight

You Know Who... Face Highlight, $7, Brijacosmetics

The image of Lord Voldemort getting his strobe on is simply too amazing to ignore.

5. "Just As Sane As I Am” Organic Lip Jelly

"Just As Sane As I Am” Organic Lip Jelly, $8, Brijacosmetics

Brija Cosmetics also has a particularly gorgeous Luna Lovegood-inspired lip color.

6. Harry Potter Pouch

Harry Potter Pouch, $7, Etsy

Emblazoned with tiny images of everything from the Dark Mark, to a Nimbus 2000, to the sword of Godric Gryffindor, this lovely little pouch is something of a must-have for fans.

7. Geek Chic Makeup Eyeshadow in Mischief Managed

Geek Chic Makeup Eyeshadow in Mischief Managed, $6, Geekchiccosmetics

This sparkly taupe may win the award for most adorable packaging — and the Marauders' Map-inspired name ain't too bad either.

8. Golden Snitch Eyeshadow

Golden Snitch - Harry Potter Collection, $4, Etsy

Golden eyeshadow is super on-trend right now, and this particular shade happens to be the perfect eyeshadow for your next Quidditch match.

9. Amortentia Lip Gloss

Amortentia Lip Gloss, $9, Shirocosmetics

The next-level packaging on this Harry Potter -inspired lip gloss is all kinds of genius and amazing, and the sparkly, highly-pigmented fuchsia gloss itself is gorgeous too. And if you love this, be sure to check out the rest of Shiro Cosmetics' glosses, since they're all named after potions as well.

10. "Have a Biscuit, Potter" Eyeshadow

"Have a Biscuit, Potter" Eyeshadow, $7, S hirocosmetics

Because everyone needs a Minerva McGonagall-inspired emerald green eyeshadow in their life.

11. Harry Potter Book-Themed Make-Up Pouch

Harry Potter Book Themed Vinyl Pencil or Make-Up Pouch, $15, Etsy

This Etsy seller makes pouches from various pages from the Harry Potter series — just choose your favorite chapter from their selection, and you're good to go!

Images: shirocosmetics/Instagram, Etsy, Courtesy of Brands