Get Ready For More Will In 'Stranger Things' S2

If you are still dreaming about returning to Hawkins, Indiana every night, I have some good news for you: casting for Stranger Things Season 2 is underway. Entertainment Weekly reports the Netflix series has found its "Mad Max" in Sadie Sink (American Odyssey), and has cast Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers) as Max's stepbrother Billy, as well. As much fun as new characters are, the most exciting news has to be Will and Steve being promoted to series regulars for Season 2.

While Will was the catalyst for Season 1, he spent so much time missing that the show did not get to delve into how Will fits in with Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. Thanks to the cliffhanger ending that found Will coughing up slug-like creatures, it is clear he is also harboring some major Upside Down secrets. Seeing Will come into his own as a real character, and not as the missing little boy driving the plot, is going to make Stranger Things Season 2 even more compelling than expected.

Then, there's Steve, Nancy's boyfriend who went from total jerk to cool hero with the epic hair by the end of the first season. Now that Steve has been forced to see the weirdness lurking in Hawkins, he has the potential to be a truly great character. He has already proven he is more than just a jock; now he is going to get a chance to grow into a fully fleshed out character, who will hopefully get to take another swing at the Demogorgon with his trusty bat.

Making Will and Steve regulars for Season 2 is a smart move all around. They both have the potential to play a major role in their respective groups — Will with the kids, and Steve with the teens — and promoting the actors from recurring status shows the Duffer Brothers truly have a master plan in mind when it comes to building the Stranger Things world. But just as intriguing is the introduction of Max and Billy.

Max is described as someone who is tough and confident, but who also has a "complicated history." She sounds a lot like Eleven, minus the experiments, and I cannot help but wonder how she will fit in with the group. While it seems natural to assume Mike will be drawn to her, Max's complicated history may actually make her an ideal confidante for Will. It's not easy to harbor a secret, and Max may be a person Will feels safe sharing his monster problems with.

Then, there's Billy, who sounds like the kind of guy Steve thought he wanted to be early in Season 1: a guy who makes moves on his friend's girlfriends, excels at drinking games, and has a penchant for trouble. From his description, it sounds like Billy and Steve could end up involved in a triangle with Nancy — which makes you wonder what Billy's arrival will mean for Jonathan, who also likes Nancy. The teen storyline is looking seriously complicated at this point, at least where romance is concerned.

Now that Netflix has confirmed Will and Steve will have major roles in Stranger Things Season 2, and a new family is moving to Hawkins, the only thing left to do is reveal Eleven is returning. Honestly, it's all any Stranger Things fan has wanted since Hopper left Eggos in that box in the woods. While it might be some time before Netflix will confirm or deny Eleven's future, for now, knowing Will and Steve are sticking around will have to be enough good news.

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