Karlie Kloss Is Joining A Netflix Series

Fridays, by their very definition, are pretty fantastic. However, on this particular Friday, I'm here to tell you that one Karlie Kloss is joining Bill Nye Saves the World' s team of correspondents, and she is a truly magical addition to the team. Some of you may be scratching your heads right now because, like me, you were unaware of just how multi-faceted Kloss is. But don't get it twisted, Kloss is, by all accounts, a badass addition, and a bit of a dark horse for Bill Nye's team of correspondents for his Netflix series. While we all immediately picture Kloss on the catwalk or chilling with bestie Taylor Swift, Kloss is currently an undergrad at NYU and she's been a major advocate for young women to pursue work in the computer sciences. To make the latter a reality, she even founded her own summer camp, Kode For Klossy. There, young women can learn how to code (Kloss is very much a computer coder herself!) and channel their genius.

Are your brains exploding yet from all of this amazing news? Mine certainly is. After looking at Kloss' credentials, it's an actual no-brainer when figuring out why Nye would have recruited her to come aboard as a correspondent. Kloss is going to add some serious pizzazz to Team Nye. Moreover, she'll be able to bring her passions outside of her primary career — modeling — to a wider audience, increasing the visibility for her work in advocating for women in computer science.

While Bill Nye Saves The World is certainly not just about Kloss, it's safe to admit she is a surprising (and welcome) addition to the team. I'm excited to see what Kloss will be corresponding on but I'm even more curious to see just how silly she'll be getting. If there's one thing we know to be true about Bill Nye, it's that he loves to keep his science lessons light-hearted. Will Kloss be joining in on all the fun?

Image: Netflix US & Canada/Youtube