Is Bella Thorne's Back Tattoo Real? Here's What We Know So Far — PHOTOS

Another day, another celebrity tattoo. After taking to social media to show off her new septum piercing, this actress is at it again. Bella Thorne might have gotten a full-back tattoo, according to her Instagram. Is the ink permanent, you ask? Well, the answer is complicated. While the star is no stranger to the ink, she has a history of fooling her followers.

It's no secret that Thorne loves to change up her look. She's constantly posting pictures of her piercings and trendy outfits on her Instagram, but this time her surprise just got bigger. Sitting in a low-scoop top with her back to the camera, Thorne showed off two huge wings on her back. The design is gorgeous, in my opinion.

Is it possible that it's real? Yes. But if I had to guess, I'd say that it's not here to stay. The star has had tons of other faux tattoos recently. She's gotten a wrap-around arm design, sun on her hand, and a large bicep drawing that all turned out to be fake.

Thorne does have a few real tats though. She's got a permanent heart on her shoulder as well as a kitten tattoo on the back of her leg. If anything, this proves that the full-back wings are probably not real. She loves to keep it minimal with her permanent inkings, so this one doesn't quite fit the pattern.

There's no denying that the design is gorgeous, but I'm willing to bet its not staying for long. Seeing as there's no redness to the tat, I'm guessing that it's for one of her roles. Plus she was at a pool party, with fake tattoos, just days before.

Here's another one of her fake tat designs. It's pretty intricate too, just like her newly found wings.

Like I said before, her permanent body drawings are a lot more minimal than her latest design. She's had this little heart on her shoulder forever.

One of her newest additions are the words "wild kitty" written on the back of her legs. You can tell it's real because of the redness, which is lacking from her wings.

Either way, Throne's new tattoo is so pretty. I guess only time will tell!