15 Rainbow Beauty Products You Need in Your Life

by Tiffany Dodson

Rainbows are amazing, and not just because the sight of one will take your breath away. Luckily, there are some seriously magical rainbow beauty products on the market to add to your routine.

Let's take a moment to consider what makes rainbows so appealing: Rainbows embody the purest aspects of the color spectrum, which might be why they've tapped into the color-loving feels of the mainstream beauty market. When the natural, colorful wonders of the rainbow are combined with your favorite beauty products, things can get pretty epic. Whether it's the cosmetics themselves or just cute packaging, there's no wrong way to fill your beauty drawers with ROYGBIV.

It's also pretty easy to channel your inner unicorn with rainbow beauty products, and I'm totally into the whole mythical being thing. The fact is, rainbows are complete joy-bringers, and I'm more than happy to add a little extra happiness to my life with a bit of rainbow beauty action. If nothing else, my elementary school obsession with Crayolas and those colorful Lisa Frank folders and binders have led to this.

Without further ado, here are 15 of the best rainbow beauty products on the market, items that will take your routine from ordinary to rainbow-realness in no time flat.

1. Party Lashes

Ricky Care Backstage Party Lashes #11, $6, Rickys NYC

Now with the bat of an eye, you can add in some stunning rainbow flair. RuPaul would be super proud.

2. Rainbow Lips

Violent Lips The Rainbow, $13, Amazon

That lip print you leave on your wine glass will never be the same with this temporary tattoo rainbow appliqué — and neither will your make out sessions.

3. Ultra Light Beam Highlighter

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, $19, Amazon

Of course, this amazing highlighter is out of stock, but you can still add your name to the wishlist. Rainbows + highlighter basically means you're glowing on an entirely different level.

4. ROYGBIV Nail File

Rainbow Cherries Trendy Nail File, $7, Amazon

This funky nail file will give you total cosmic beauty vibes, and allow you to file in style.

5. Color Spectrum Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Rainbow Pride Lip Balm Pack, $17, Target

The combination of color and flavor here makes this set a must-buy.

6. Confetti-Ready Nail Polish

Deborah Lipmann Glitter Nail Color In Happy Birthday, $20, Amazon

This rainbow dusted nail polish is like a party on your fingertips. You'll be completely obsessed with it's magical, disco-like qualities.

7. Unicorn Vibes Lip Balm

Unicorn Lip Balm, $10, Amazon

This lip balm comes with a unicorn rocking a freaking rainbow Mohawk. Is there any cooler way to keep your lips moisturized?

8. '90s Inspired Hair Accessories

Rainbow Bobby Pin Barrettes, $6, Amazon

These bobby pin barrettes will give you total '90s vibes with a splash of vibrancy. Move over Cher Horowitz.

9. Mythical Temporary Tattoos

Psychedelic Glitter Set, $2, Inked By Dani

Who said tattoos were just for kids? These psychedelic tats are the perfect compliment to your next visit to a concert or music festival, or groovy Halloween costume.

10. Halloween Ready Eyebrow Palette

Winky Lux Rainbow Brow Palette, $30, Winky Lux

Who would've thought to add rainbow pigment to the brows? Now you'll really look like a mythical unicorn. P.S. These waxy pigments double as eyeshadows!

11. Hot Hair Tools

Hot Tools Rainbow Gold Salon Curling Iron, $50, Amazon

What could be better than pumping up the volume on your hair with a gorgeous rainbow curling iron? Now, your curling wand can be as pretty as your hair.

12. Hand Sanitizer With A Twist

Rainbow Holder With Sugar Cookie Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer, $6, Claires

Rainbows are the only thing that could make the thought of germs more bearable. This cheerful hand sanitizer holder from Claire's is adorable, and even better: It's scented like sugar cookies.

13. Funky Hair Brush

Eye Candy S-Curl Detangling Brush, $24, Amazon

Not only is this brush awesome to look at in all of its rainbow-colored bristled glory, but it also makes for a great detangling brush.

14. Metallic Makeup Brush Set

Rainbow Metallic Five Piece Metallic Makeup Brush Set, $19, Amazon

This rainbow metallic makeup brush set is almost too pretty to use — almost being the key word here.

15. Rainbow Cosmetics Case

Rainbow Cosmetics Case, $25, Zazzle

This cosmetics case is perfect for packing in your purse and taking your rainbow on the go.

These expressive rainbow products are perfect for slaying the beauty game with colorful ease. You'll be craving a bowl of Lucky Charms and looking fierce in no time.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Getty