How To Help Women Can Stop Trump

In the throes of a seemingly never-ending and stress-inducing election cycle like this one, it's easy to feel like burying your head in the sand and just attempting to escape the world is the best response. Avoidance, however, won't solve any of the problems that the country is facing. Whether you're already volunteering at your local precinct or you're still not sure if you're voting, here's how you can help the Women Can Stop Trump campaign keep Trump as far away from the presidency as possible.

The initiative comes from Emily's List, a PAC that has focused on getting progressive, pro-choice women elected to office since 1985. They haven't forgotten about their usual activities this time around — and how could they, given that they have their first chance to support a woman for president — but now they've also added an additional element: Women Can Stop Trump.

This election, as they rightfully point out, isn't just important because it features the first female presidential candidate for a major party in United States history. It's also important because her opponent isn't just your run of the mill pro-lifer that everyone expected the Republicans to run. Instead it's Donald Trump, a misogynist who seems never to stop demeaning women. It's not too surprising that they're pulling out all the stops and trying to motivate women, who made up 53% of the electorate in 2012, to be the deciding factor that will keep Trump out of office. Women Can Stop Trump lists three things that you can do to keep Trump out of office, and here they are — so now you have no excuse but to help out.

1. Pledge To Stop Trump

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

This is as easy as going to Women Can Stop Trump's website and entering your pledge to help make sure that Trump isn't elected. They ask for your first name, zip code, and email address, so you can receive updates that'll keep you all fired up over the last couple of weeks of the election. Numbers are really important for initiatives like this, so just putting your name on their list will actually help.

2. Share The Terrible Things Trump Says With Other Women


The list of times Donald Trump has insulted women started out long before the election, and it's continued growing at an even faster rate ever since he's been getting the publicity typical of a major party presidential nominee. His words, though, are now the barbs that Women Can Stop Trump is hoping to use against him. They ask that when you hear something new, share it with your friends on social media, so that no one enters the voting booth uninformed.

There are still women who support Trump, and if you can change even one their minds with something terrible and offensive that their candidate of choice said or did, then you've already made a difference.

3. Vote On November 8


When it comes down to it, the most important way you can help Women Can Stop Trump is by casting your one and only vote against him on November 8 (or before, if you decide to vote early). As you might have seen, this is what the map would look like if all women voted against Trump:

The Clinton campaign, however, can't count on that actually happening. However, voting for Hillary Clinton is the only surefire way to stand in between Trump and victory. Whether you're voting by mail, emailing in an absentee ballot, or going to drop off your ballot and collect your "I voted!" sticker in person, do not under any circumstances miss the opportunity to have your voice heard.

Three easy steps, and then you've done your part, along with Women Stop Trump, to stop Trump. If Clinton wins on November 8, then you'll be able to consider the victory partly your own.