The 'Southern Charm'ers Keep It Real

I don’t try to conceal my Southern Charm fandom. Heck, I’ve embraced it. Every Monday night, I put on my Lilly Pulitzer dress and bask in SC's glory. But merely watching the show doesn't cut it anymore. I must inhale as much real time news/rumors/gossip as possible. The real time updates (thanks, the Internet!) feel like news snippets from "the future" to the show's "present." The show feels like "the now." It's all very disorienting. To quote another program (which also takes place in the South): “Time is a flat circle.” Hey, is it too late for True Detective theories? Because I think Rust Cohle miiiiight be referring to reading about reality TV characters’ current lives while you watch stuff that happened months and months ago. Ugh, that character is such a mystery. (Hold up. Does this mean Andy Cohen is the Yellow King?!?!)

The Southern Charm cast is so good at the social media. Take a peek at their Insta pics and tweets. They joke around with each other! No subtweets to be found! No salty jabs! They seem to genuinely like one another! They're friends IRL. If we've learned anything from shows like Vanderpump Rules and Shahs of Sunset, it's that a cast comprised of real-ass people who are real-ass friends is the best kind of cast. SC appears to be taking a page out of the VR/SoS book.

Not only do they get along, but the Charmers don't take themselves too seriously. Say what you will, but at the very least, they can be pretty endearing/funny. Here are 13 e-examples of the Southern Charm cast keeping it real:

1. Jenna King ships Cameran Eubanks and Craig Conover:

2. Jenna and Cameran both claim Craig as their younger brother:

3. Friendly banter about Shep Rose’s hangover face and the pregnancy reveal:

4. Whitney Sudler-Smith vouches for Thomas Ravenel:

5. And yeah, she turned him down, but Danni Baird has only kind things to say about T-Rav:

Oh, AND!!!! She also says Kathryn Dennis is "a lucky woman," which OMG THAT TOTALLY MEANS THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER, RIGHT?!?!?!

6. Danni clears the air about rejecting T-Rav. (The editing fooled the lot of us!):

7. Craig put together an adorabs collage:

8. Jenna lightheartedly teases Craig. It's a dig only a friend could get away with! If someone from another reality show (I won't name names) made a joke like this about a f fellow cast mate, it'd turn into a goddamned e-firefight:

9. "Shepard pie":

10. This is amazing, and I'm so glad Shep shared it:

11. Shep admits he "dislike[s] almost everything." SO REAL:

12. T-Rav is really great at tweeting with fans, but this might be my favorite interaction:


Images: Bravo; caconover/Instagram; jennaking143/Instagram (2); relationshep/Instagram