'Bach's Ben & Lauren Aren't Getting Married Soon

Viewers get a glimpse of Bachelor couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s life together on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, but if its one thing I want more than anything else, it’s a Bachelor Nation wedding. I’m waiting for Ben and Lauren to follow in the footsteps of Trista and Ryan, Sean and Catherine, and Jade and Tanner to have an over-the-top wedding extravaganza that I can DVR and watch whenever I need a little pick-me-up. So, what’s the deal? Here are some updates on Ben and Lauren’s wedding planning that will tide fans over until they tie the knot.

So far, it doesn’t seem like Ben and Lauren have done much in the way of planning for their nuptials. Lauren told Us Weekly in October, “We have really been trying to focus on our relationship and taking everything day by day. Life has been so crazy that I think if we start to think [about airing a wedding special], we get a little overwhelmed, and we’re just finishing up this [TV show]." She added, “For now, we’re just enjoying each other’s company and trying not to think too far ahead into the future." I can’t blame them for taking it slow. I mean, let’s be real here — they’ve only been engaged since the beginning of 2016. Ben agreed with his future bride in his interview with the magazine.

“I think we both get really excited about that next step, especially when it comes to our wedding. But what we realized is that sometimes, when you take those steps so quickly, it becomes a chore instead of something to celebrate. We want to make sure we’re in the right headspace and calmed down, and that our life has slowed to a point where we can start planning a wedding with the mindset of a celebration, not just to get it done."

Ben and Lauren are going about all of this the right way. The two admitted to E! Online that they’ve been attending couple’s counseling. Lauren said, "We want to have a really solid foundation, and we want to address certain problems maybe before they even exist and just have that third party to help us through pre-marriage and engagement and being a new couple." Lauren assured that she and Ben are just fine and dandy, but they want to make sure that when they get married, they’re ready to get married forever.

A lot of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After involves the two getting to know one another better, and getting to know how they work as a couple. The Bachelor is fine and dandy when you’re watching it on television, but when the cameras go off, you’re stuck with this person you’ve known for about 15 minutes. Ben and Lauren don’t know everything about each other yet, and not that I’m advocating for full disclosure about everything in your life when you’re about to marry someone, but they need to be comfortable enough to get hitched. Nothing wrong with delaying that a little bit. These two are refreshingly honest and normal as compared to some other Bachelor Nation couples.

And what of a television wedding? Promos for Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After show the pair mulling the opportunity over, but I’m not convinced that it’s for them. Ben is very religious and pretty private, and I think that he and Lauren would prefer a more intimate affair with their family and friends. The best of luck to these two crazy kids — whenever they decide to set a date.

Images: Levy Moroshan/ABC