Amber Tamblyn Made America (Ferrera) Great Again

Making America great again is on everyone’s minds these days. With Donald Trump running a Presidential campaign that aims to do just that, how our country can be repaired and restored is definitely a topic that a lot of people are discussing. But some of us aren’t just talking about. Some of us are lip-syncing about it. Like Amber Tamblyn, who showed up for her Lip Sync Battle against former The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star and longtime friend, America Ferrera, determined to do just that. With a song that harkened back to Donald Trump’s dark and disturbing Billy Bush days, Tamblyn showed up on stage dressed as the presidential nominee himself, and let me tell you, she did a better job of making America great again than any politician in history.

Why, you ask? Because Tamblyn took the opportunity to pull her competitor onto the stage. With “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd playing in the background, Tamblyn appeared in full Trump regalia — orange face, oversized suit, white hair — and twerked all over American Ferrera. That’s right: Tamblyn made America great again by grinding all up on her.

That’s one way to turn a country around. Or, in this case, America Ferrara, who (it has to be said) took her friend’s dance moves like a champ.

But their Lip Sync Battle appearance isn’t the first time Tamblyn and Ferrera have spoke out against Donald Trump’s bid for president. In a recent Instagram post, Tamblyn responded to Trump’s comments about “grabbing [women] by the pussy,” sharing her own terrifying and traumatizing account of a time a man did that to her. Ferrera, too, has come out in support of Hillary Clinton, taking her Trump bashing as far as the “Make America Ferrera Again” shirts that she and her Superstore cast mates all wore.

Whether or not you agree with their political positions, the timing of Tamblyn’s lip sync number (and the… ah hem… invasive qualities of her dance moves) is impeccable. And the fact that she makes America so great in the process — the actress, of course, not the country — makes me love her even more.