31 Glittery +Size Clothing Items For The Holidays

by Gina Jones 2

One of the best parts about the holiday season is seeing stores fill up with glittery clothes and being able to purchase all the sparkle you'll need for the upcoming year — as well as something stunningly sparkly for the work office party, of course. Finding great glittery plus size clothing isn't especially hard to do, but finding something that you adore among those items is a little more difficult. However, when the holidays roll around, things get a bit easier.

While most people love glitter, different types of glitter appeal to different types of people. Whether you're looking for a more casual kind of glitter, a glitter you can wear to the office and then to the club, or even a black, gothy kind of glitter (for the all black everything lovers among us), there's a sparkly garment on this list for you.

It feels like sparkly clothes just aren't as readily available other times of year as they are during the holiday season, so now is the time to stock up. If you're a glitter fanatic or you just like organizing your wardrobe for the year in advance, be sure to stockpile on the shimmery stuff now — before most of the festive choices leave the shop floor for another year.

1. Sparkle Cigarette Trousers

Sparkle Cigarette Pants (Available to Size 30), $14,

Spice up your office wear with these super chic sparkly cigarette trousers. Subtle enough to wear to work but glittery enough to keep you feeling festive.

2. Shimmer Cover Up

Shimmer Cover Up (Available to Size 28), $75,

This may not be the warmest thing you wear all winter, but it'll be up there with the most fun.

3. Sparkle Turtleneck Sweater

Sparkle Turtleneck Sweater (Available to Size 28), $16,

Who said glitter can't be casual? This sparkly turtleneck will help keep you cozy by the fire as well as representing your love of all things glittery.

4. Sequin Stripe Dress

Sequin Stripe Dress (Available to Size 24), $48,

Styled with thick tights and a wooly hat, this dress could be a perfect casual look for the holidays. Or pair with a heeled boot for a more evening-friendly look.

5. Frill Top

Cupid Frill Top (Available to Size 20), $99,

Go totally over-the-top by pairing this with an equally busy bottom or keep it chic with some black pants — either way, this top is definitely going to be a statement item for your wardrobe.

6. Glitter Mesh Skirt

Glitter Mesh Skirt (Available to Size 28), $58,

Subtle, sweet, but definitely sparkly, : The vintage vibes of this skirt are perfect for this holiday season.

7. Glitter Jumpsuit

Glitter Jumpsuit (Available to Size 4x), $128,

Why worry about pairing bottoms with a top when you can get an all in one that fulfills all your glitter needs?

8. Glitter Blouson Dress

Glitter Blouson Dress (Available to Size 24), $88,

Another look that's perfect for bringing a little shimmer shimmer to the workplace.

9. Glitter Knit Cami

Glitter Knit Cami (Available to Size 28), $21,

Although a vest top may not seem like suitable winter wear, this cami would be perfect for layering over less glittery garments.

10. Glitter Wrap Front Dress

Glitter Wrap Front Dress (Available to Size 20), $35,

It's impossible not to look good in a wrap dress, but especially not a glitter one. Well worth the investment for your going out wardrobe.

11. Sparkle Lace Up Tunic

Sparkle Lace Up Tunic (Available to 3x), $25,

Keep it comfy and casual in this tunic that doesn't just keep it sparkly, but ticks off your trend boxes with that lace up detail.

12. Glitter Pleated Trousers

Glitter Pleated Trousers (Available to Size 28), $60,

These pleated trousers have been everywhere this season, so why not throw a little glitter into the mix for a festivity-friendly pair of pants?

13. Pink Glitter Dress

Pink Sequin Dress (Available to Size 20), $110,

This super cute sequin slip is perfect for layering or those brave enough to face the cold, and an excellent look for any upcoming holiday events.

14. Sparkle Stripe High Neck Top

Sparkle Stripe High Neck Top (Available to Size 24), $13,

Although this is part of a co-ord, this top is so cute you could totally rock it on its own.

15. Sparkle Stripe Pencil Skirt

Sparkle Stripe Pencil Skirt (Available to Size 24), $14,

If you do love a good two piece though, this pencil skirt is available to purchase with the top above.

16. Glitter Velour Skater Dress

Glitter Velour Skater Dress (Available to Size 34), $51,

No fabric feels more seasonal than velour, so combine it with glitter and you get the most festive look yet.

17. Sequin Cocktails Sweater

Sequin Cocktails Sweater (Available to 2x), $74,

Wear your love of holiday cocktails on your chest with this funky sequin sweater.

18. Sequin Lady Luck Sweater

Sequin Lady Luck Sweater (Available to 2x), $74,

Or if you're just not that keen on the booze, this horseshoe decorated sweater will hopefully help you get lucky this winter.

19. Glitter Bardot Top

Glitter Bardot Top (Available to Size 28), $46,

Bang on trend as well as super cute, this Bardot top is versatile enough to wear in any situation.

20. Cropped Sequin Pant

Cropped Sequin Pant (Available to Size 28), $100,

Who even knew that you needed a pair of sequin sweats until this very moment?

21. Glitter Trim Strappy Jumpsuit

Glitter Trim Jumpsuit (Available to Size 28), $38,

Because there's no such thing as too many glittery jumpsuits.

22. Grey Glitter Tube Skirt

Grey Glitter Tube Skirt (Available to Size 28), $45,

A much more subtle kind of glitter, but glittery nonetheless.

23. Glitter Plunge Dress

Glitter Plunge Dress (Available to Size 20), $35,

A super sweet silhouette that makes it perfect for dressing up or dressing down.

24. Silver Sparkle Legging

Silver Sparkle Legging (Available to F), $30,

Just because you want to wear something a little more out there doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your comfort, and these glitter leggings would look oh-so-cute with a oversized sweater.

25. Sequin Skirt Midi Dress

Sequin Skirt Midi Dress (Available to Size 24), $34,

This dress is amazing because it looks like a skirt and top combo but in reality, it's a versatile dress you can throw on and go.

26. Glitter Jacquard Skirt

Glitter Jacquard Skirt (Available to Size 26), $45,

This vintage style skirt is sturdy enough to keep its shape and its shimmer through any weather this winter.

27. Glitter Jumper Dress

Glitter Jumper Dress (Available to Size 20), $35,

Another look that serves to prove the point that a garment can be glittery and comfortable.

28. Sequin Zebra Shift Dress

Sequin Zebra Shift Dress (Available to Size 24), $194,

It may be more expensive than most, but this statement shift dress will give you year after year of stylish looks.

30. Glitter Skinny Jeans

Glitter Skinny Jeans (Available to Size 28), $60,

Another subtle sparkle look, but you can never have too many pairs of jeans, let alone glittery ones.

31. Sequin Sleeve T-Shirt

Sequin Sleeve T-Shirt (Available to Size 24), $23,

Pair your glittery jeans with this sequined T-shirt for double trouble in the sparkle department.

Ready to embrace the glittering nature of the holiday season? Pick out your favorite pieces from this list and insert them into your wardrobe to keep your spirit and clothes sparkly to see out the end of the year.

Images: Courtesy Brands