Lady Gaga Debuts A New Kind Of Party Song

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters can always depend on her for one thing: party music. With hits like "Just Dance," "Bad Romance," and "Born This Way" in her repertoire, it's safe to say that Mama Monster knows how to drop a sick beat. However, Lady Gaga's latest single, "A-YO," from her upcoming album, Joanne is a party anthem that has a completely different vibe. In fact, this time around, she's mixing her funky pop sound with a bit of a country twang. Let's give special thanks to Lady Gaga's co-writing and producing team — Mark Ronson, BloodPop, and "Girl Crush" writer, Hillary Lindsey — because this song is one for the ages.

When looking at the lyrics of "A-YO," fans can tell right away that the addition of some country twang hasn't changed Lady Gaga's original sound all that much. The lyrics seem to describe things getting hot-and-heavy in her car, which is a subject that's basically classic Gaga. ("Lovegame," anyone?) She is an artist who can provide us with songs that live on the border of both sexy and fun.

I can’t wait to rev you upFaster than you can say “Ferrari”Tearin’ up the gravel, watching you unravelNow it’s a party

This city girl sure does have a little bit of country in her. And thanks to the repetitive chorus, it's near impossible not to start singing by the time you get to the end of your first listen of the song.

Mirror on the ceiling(We smokin’ on ’em all)A-YO, A-YOLook at the mirror on the ceiling

This may just be one of Lady Gaga's most simplistic yet most visual songs yet. Who doesn't love a good sing-along, dance-along song at their party? Seriously, who? "A-YO" is now available to steam, and Lady Gaga's full album, Joanne, will be released Friday, October 21. You're going to want to get your hands on this one.