Pair Your Wine & Halloween Candy Like An Adult

Greg Vote, VStock LLC/VStock/Getty Images

So much of Halloween tends to be reserved for kids: Trick-or-treating, costume parades, copious amounts of sugar consumption... you get the picture. But thanks to wine app Vivino's wine and Halloween candy pairings, I, too, can feel impossibly hyper come Nov. 1 — and I can do it as a sophisticated adult, which is even better. Nothing says "I am a grownup!" like pouring a nice glass of merlot to go with your fun-sized candy bars.

Vivino essentially functions as crowd-sourcing for wine. Take a photo of any wine label, run it through the app, and you'll immediately be greeted with its rating, review and average price, supplied by the 20-million-strong Vivino community. Vivino also runs a supplementary blog, which features articles on everything from what kind of wine you should drink if you love Pumpkin Spice to pairing your wine with takeout. They have also magically created a wine and Halloween candy "matchmaker" infographic. I'm going to be the coolest non-mom Mom at the party.

I've always been one of those people who wants to be "good at wine" — and as a former server, I've definitely learned how to fake that knowledge. But send me to the store for a good red, and I'm a little... uh... lost. Cheap wine, for me, has historically been my choice wine. But I'm 25 now, so maybe I should stop balking when a bottle costs more than my Chipotle order.

Hence, the Vivino matchmaker. The infographic spotlights classic Halloween treats, like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&Ms, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, and then pairs them with a genre of wine. (Is that a thing? Wine genres? If it isn't already, I'm making it one now.) Then, the experts step in: A panel of three discuss more specifically what kind of flavor profile each wine-and-candy pairing has (which honestly is a lifesaver because I could not have told you what "Madeira" tastes like five minutes ago), and finally, suggest a specific bottle that best embodies the ~vibe~.

Um, yes, you're welcome. Go forth and drink, my sweet sugar fiends. Tomorrow may feel questionable, but tonight will be a treat.

Images: Greg Vote, VStock LLC/VStock/Getty Images; Giphy; courtesy of Vivino