The First Jess 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Still Is Here & It's Almost Too Much — PHOTO

At long last, the moment we Gilmore Girls fans have been waiting for is here. The first look at Jess Mariano in the Gilmore Girls revival is here, and I’m happy to say it’s everything fans ever hoped for. Well... and also a little concerning, because what are Jess and Luke having such an intense argument about?

I know that, in the past, Jess may have been more of a fighter than a lover, but I hate to see these two go at it in any way. They're family, for crying out loud. They should be embracing and enjoying their lives in Stars Hollow as the men luckily betrothed to both Gilmore Girls. (OK, fine, a girl can dream.) At least that is what I am hoping to see from Luke and Jess' roles in the Gilmore Girls revival. Unfortunately, from the looks of this picture, it seems like not everything is so hunky dory between the two of them as I may be hoping for.

So, let's think about what these two could possibly have to argue about. It's not like their relationship has always been perfect. They've both been extremely comfortable challenging each other in the stubborn department and in calling out the maybe not so healthy ways they are each living their lives.

What I want to believe from this picture is that Jess and Luke are deep in the middle of a debate over which Stars Hollow citizen will be the next nominated to city council, but what I'm afraid is happening is that the two of them are in a heated conversation about Jess' everlasting affection for Rory. What if he's come back to town to win her heart on the day she's supposed to marry Logan or something?

Sorry, Logan and Dean fans, but the fact that it looks like fall in Stars Hollow in this picture could mean that is exactly what they are arguing about. With a wedding rumored to be taking place in Stars Hollow, and "Fall" set to be the last episode, it could be that Jess has come back in true Jess style to try to win back Rory's heart right before she walks down the aisle. For a man like Luke, who has always protected Rory from any man who has threatened to hurt her — including his own blood — it would make sense that Jess swooping in at the last minute would be something he definitely didn't approve of.

Tune in on Nov. 25 to find out what they're really arguing about. In the meantime, I'll just keep imagining that it's over current events. Better that than anything having to do with Rory's heart.

Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Warner Bros. Pictures