Where To Catch A 'Rocky Horror' Midnight Screening

by Caitlin Flynn

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers, because Halloween is (in my humble opinion), the best day of the year. You don't even need to wait until Oct. 31 to celebrate — you can start by watching some beloved Halloween movies. FOX's new production of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show will air on Thursday, Oct. 20 and introduce a new generation of viewers to the musical horror comedy (an admittedly unusual genre). For longtime fans of the movie, it'll be exciting to watch the new version, which stars Victoria Justice, Laverne Cox, and Ryan McCartan. After watching the TV adaptation, you may be clamoring to experience the original — so you should know which theaters have Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screenings in 2016.

When The Rocky Horror Picture Show was released in 1975, it received critical disdain rather than critical acclaim. However, the negative reviews didn't stop audiences from becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the movie — especially at its midnight showings. It became an interactive experience as audience members arrived dressed up as their favorite characters and talked back to the screen. If you're thinking this sounds like a complete blast, you're not alone — the tradition continues to this day and, as Halloween approaches, a number of movie theaters will offer midnight screenings of the cult classic.

Here's where you can catch midnight showings in order to celebrate Halloween weekend in the best way possible:


The Loft Cinema in Tucson will host it's 38th annual "Rocky Horror Halloween Bash" on Saturday, Oct. 29. The event kicks off at 11 p.m. so there's time for a few pre-show games before the Time Warp begins at midnight. And there's a real incentive to enter the costume contest — the winner receives a $100 prize.


The Art Theatre in Long Beach hosts midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night (now that's what I call dedication). Costumes and audience participation are always encouraged, but I predict the crowds will be even more enthusiastic than usual during the spookiest month of the year.

The Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles also screens the film at midnight (well, technically 11:59 p.m.) every Saturday night.

The Guild Theatre in San Francisco: Saturday, Oct. 22.

The Clay Theatre in San Francisco: Saturday, Oct. 29.

The Ken Cinema in San Diego: Saturday, Oct. 29.

Camera Cinemas in San Jose: Saturday, Oct. 29 (doors open at 11:30 p.m.).


The Esquire Theatre in Denver: Saturday, Oct. 29.

Washington D.C.

The E Street Cinema: Saturday, Oct. 29.


The Gateway Theatre in Fort Lauderdale: Saturday, Oct. 29.

AMC Universal Cineplex in Orlando: Saturday, Oct. 29. (Note — this showing begins at 10 p.m., but it'll be just as much fun as the others.)


The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta: Friday, Oct. 28.


The Music Box Theatre in Chicago: Saturday, Oct. 29.


The Kentucky Theater in Lexington: Saturday, Oct. 29.


The Prytania Theatre in New Orleans: Saturday, Oct. 29 and Sunday, Oct. 30. There's also a 10 p.m. showing on Halloween night.


AMC Loews Common 19 in Boston: Friday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 29.


The Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis: Friday, Oct. 28 and Saturday, Oct. 29.

New Jersey

Bellevue Cinema 4 in Montclair: Friday, Oct. 28.


Regency Tropicana Cinema in Las Vegas: Saturday, Oct. 29.

New York

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas in New York City: Friday, Oct. 21, Saturday, Oct. 22, Friday, Oct. 28, Saturday, Oct. 29, and Monday, Oct. 31.


Esquire Theatre in Cincinnati: Saturday, Oct. 29.

Studio 35 in Columbus: Friday, Oct. 28.


Clinton Street Theater in Portland: Saturday, Oct. 29. There will also be an 8:30 p.m. screening on Halloween night.


The Evergreen Theater in Memphis: Friday, Oct. 28.


River Oaks Theatre in Houston: Saturday, Oct. 29.


Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee: Saturday, Oct. 29.

If your city isn't on this list, don't despair — you can always organize your own midnight viewing party, complete with props and a costume contest.

Images: Twentieth Century Fox; Giphy (19)