Good American Jeans Are All About The Fit

by Augusta Statz

Khloé Kardashian has been teasing her denim line online for a while, so now that the pieces are finally available to shop, you’ve probably got a question or two you need answered before you’re willing to make a purchase. For instance, what makes Good American jeans different? Well, these certainly aren’t your average $200 pair of jeans, that’s for sure.

Before you go and spend that kind of money on a pair of denim pants, you’ve got to know what you’re getting yourself into. Kardashian and the woman she worked with to design these pieces, Emma Grede, told InStyle exactly what makes the fit of these bottoms so special. Apparently, it’s the sewn-in contour waistband which acts as a kind of belt that eliminates the need for alterations. Finally, you can have a pants that fit your hips and your waist just right! They’ve also included curved stitching to allow the pants to accentuate the body. Top it all off with quality, stretch fabrics, and you’ve got a great-fitting pant.

"It was about creating something that would work for this idea of the new sexy, the new body silhouette," Grede told the publication. "And we've spent a long time creating two sets of jean patents that work for different size ranges (from 0 to 24)." Between the size options and the fit, Good American is here to change the way you shop for denim.

"With this project, we don’t believe in plus sizes," Kardashian told InStyle, "and that’s something that means a lot to me, empowering women and women dressing for their sexy curves and not being ashamed of our bodies."

The brand has really put an emphasis on inclusivity, and that's what really makes the line a standout.

As far as the actual jeans themselves, well, they're pretty cool, too.

Good Waist Blue 013, $169, Good American

There's a little something for everyone in terms of style. If you're looking for a classic pair of high-waisted denim, Good American's got it.

Good Legs Black 002, $179, Nordstrom

If you like a little more distressing in your denim, there are plenty of frayed options to choose from.

Good Cuts Blue 015, $215, Good American

And if you want your jeans covered in holes, the brand's got the perfect pair for you. Because clearly, when it comes to good denim, Kardashian knows what she's doing.

Shop these pieces and more on the Good American website, online at Nordstrom and in select Nordstrom retailers.

Images: goodamerican/Instagram (1); Courtesy Good American (3)