Makeup Revolution's Precision Brush Sets Do It All

The drugstore has been stepping it up when it comes to their beauty launches, and these brushes are proof of that. Makeup Revolution launched Precision Brush Sets for the eyes and face to create an airbrushed look. Compared to their previous makeup tools, these have a brand new design. What's in Makeup Revolution's Precision Brush Sets, you ask? These two trios have everything you need for a full-face of makeup.

It's not everyday that an affordable brand comes out with their own line of brushes, but that's exactly what Makeup Revolution has done. The company launched two brand new sets that cover everything from eye makeup to contouring the cheek. Each of the six brushes is made of synthetic hair and has an ergonomically designed, flexible wand. Basically, it sits comfortably in your hand and does all the work for you.

Unfortunately, you can't buy the brushes individually. You'll have to take your pick between the Precision Eye Set and the Precision Contour Set. Believe me when I say that you're going to want them both. One gives you a flawless eye look while the other covers foundation, bronzer, and blush. I don't know about you, but I'll be adding both to my holiday wish list.

The Precision Eye Set includes a blending, liner, and oval eye brush. All of which are a gorgeous rose gold color. The set is available at Superdrug and the Makeup Revolutions website for $22. That's only $7 a tool!

Makeup Revolution Precision Eye Set, $22,

The second set is a little pricier, but just as gorgeous. The Precision Contour Set includes a face, cheek, and blending brush. You can pick it up at the same locations for $30. Although the price tag is a little bit larger, that's still only $10 a brush.

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Set, $30,

A high end design with an affordable rice tag? You can count me in!

Images: MakeupRevolution/Instagram (1)