Yes, There Is A Right Way To Put On A Bra

We put on bras, or as my 5-year-old nephew calls them, "booby traps," almost every day (though now less than ever, thanks to Kendall Jenner and #freethenipple). But as it turns out, we may be doing it wrong. Apparently, there is a right way to put on a bra.

On Wednesday, I got fitted for a bra by one of Wacoal’s top fit consultants, who told me two very important things: First and foremost, that I was a D cup, which is pretty much the best news ever. But also, that I have been putting my bras on the wrong way for the last 15 years, and that's a problem — for both me, and for my bras.

When you don't enlist the "scoop and swoop method" (detailed below) our bras aren't really doing what they're supposed to, which is shape and lift our breasts. Unless our fatty tissue is positioned the right way within the cups, it will get covered and squished, which doesn't really look all that cute. And while we all know that our bras need proper care to help them maintain their shape, we need to keep in mind that part of that care comes from the way we put them on. So, if we want our boobs to look the best they can (which I personally certainly do), it's important to follow these five simple steps to keep them pushin' us up and and doin' their thing.

1. Loosen The Straps

Ophylia Contour Plus, $39.95,

You won't want to put any unnecessary strain on the fabric while you're pulling it up over your arms, so keeping the straps loose will ensure no extra pulling.

2. Slip 'Em On

Heide Klum, A Roman Crush Contour Plunge Bra, $55,

They don't call 'em "over the shoulder boulder holders" for nothin. Put the straps on before you hook the bra as another means of avoiding stretching them out.

3. Hook It Up

Wacoal Lace Affair Soft Cup Bra, $44,

As you wear a bra, it inevitably stretches out, so when you purchase a new one it should fit comfortably on the loosest of the three clasps. Over time, you'll eventually need to move to the closer hooks, but keep it loose for as long as possible. If your given band size doesn't fit comfortably on the third hook, consider going up to a one size larger band and a one size smaller cup, otherwise known as a "sister size."

4. Get It Tight

Minoa Lace Pushup Bra, $83.50,

Once the bra is comfortably secured on your body, tighten the straps slightly to give the girls a lil' lift.

5. Give The Girls A Scoop

Ravenna Unlined Plus, $39.95,

Last but not least, reach down into the cups and use our hands to cup and lift each of your boobs so they're sitting snugly in the bra. Use opposite hands to grab from the outside and literally scoop em up.

Images: Dawn Foster/Bustle; Courtesy Of Brands