What Beauty Products Does PacSun Sell? The Store Just Added A New Feature

PacSun is your one-stop shop for all of your music festival fashion, swimwear needs and clothing to suit your overall laid-back lifestyle. But, they’ve recently given you yet another reason to shop from the brand. Can you buy beauty supplies at PacSun? A beauty section is now live and ready to give you all of the pampering products you could ever need.

There are candles, face masks, lipsticks, body scrubs and more to choose from on the PacSun website. There are over 141 different products to choose from. A small selection of products are available in stores, so whether you’d like to get your hands on PacSun’s beauty products IRL or virtually, you’ll be able to. They’re selling products from brands such as Cedar + Stone, Birchrose + Co. and many more.

Some of the brands, such as Cedar + Stone and Birchrose +Co., have even created products that will be sold exclusively at PacSun. So, if you’re looking for must-have fall skincare items like, say, a pumpkin scented body scrub, for example, you can only find it at this retailer. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to PacSun right now to rack up on your beauty essentials. You’re due for a spa night, anyways!

Now, there's even more to love about this store. Seriously, they're making it pretty easy to never shop anywhere else again!

1. Pumpkin Scrub

Birchrose Pumpkin Body Scrub, $20, PacSun

That pumpkin scrub I was telling you about is also up for grabs. Slathering this all over is the perfect way to care for your skin this fall.

2. Nail Stickers

Akiko Nails Leaves Nail Decal, $18, PacSun

Artist-designed nail wraps from Akiko Nails will get your paws looking good in no time!

3. Floral Mist

Cedar + Stone Rose Floral Water, $18, PacSun

A face and body mist is great for your skin and can be taken with you wherever you go. It's great for anytime your skin needs a little refresher.

4. Lip Scrub

Theseeke Organic Sugar Lip Scrub, $14, PacSun

This organic sugar lip scrub will make your lips look and feel amazing. You can expect balms, lip scrubs, makeup cases and more from this brand at PacSun.

5. Ginger & Charcoal Soap

Cedar + Stone Ginger & Charcoal Cleansing Soap, $12, PacSun

This ginger and charcoal soap will smell incredible and work wonders for your skin.

6. Makeup Bag

Theseeke Marble Scuba Large Toiletry Bag, $40, PacSun

A marble-patterned carrying case is a must! Grab this to hold all of your *new* PacSun must-haves.

Prices for the these items range from $3.50 to $44.95. So, get ready to love even more items from one of your favorite stores. Oh, and be prepared to be on the PacSun website for quite some time, because with this many options to choose from, your shopping spree could take a while!

Images: pacsun/Instagram (1); Courtesy PacSun (6)