Melissa Hastings Will Return For 'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season & Her Role Could Be A Major One

She's ba-a-ack. And by "she" I mean "Melissa Hastings." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Melissa Hastings will return for Pretty Little Liars' final season. Just to recap what's happening with 7B's cast, Wren, Jenna, Paige, Lucas, Charlotte, and now Melissa will all be returning to Rosewood. (Yes, Charlotte's supposed to be dead, but the actress who plays the character, Vanessa Ray, told US Weekly that we "might see her face soon.") 'Sup with all these returning characters, right? Besides Melissa having one last hurrah before the show ends, there has to be a bigger reason she's coming back. Does it have to do with "ultimate final twist" that the show's executive producer mentioned a few months ago?

You see, Melissa's former beau Wren Kingston (played by Julian Morris) will also be coming back to Rosewood. Executive producer Charlie Craig told THR that Wren will be a part of this "ultimate final twist" that, according to him, happens in the final episode. So, does this mean Melissa could be in on this twist too? Possibly, since the two were at one point, pretty heavily involved.

During some key flashbacks, it was revealed that Charlotte told Wren about Melissa's sketchy past (you know, when she buried Bethany Young alive), and that's what caused the couple's demise. Unless... it was something else? (See: the final twist promised above.) Oh, how the thickest of plots continues to thicken.


Just as a refresher, Melissa was last seen in the second half of Season 6. After being a suspect in Charlotte’s murder, and receiving some mysterious threats, she got the hell out of Rosewood and never looked back. Until now. Until now when it just so happens that Wren is also back. In the world of Pretty Little Liars, one should not believe in coincidences. (Or basic logic, but that's a different story.)

As any Pretty Little Liars fan will tell you, just because we know that Melissa Hastings will return doesn't mean we know anything about why or how. The PLL team are masters at keeping mum on any upcoming plot details. Pretty Little Liars doesn't return to Freeform until April of 2017, so let the Melissa speculation and suspicion begin. (Read: trust no-one.)

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